DIRTY LAUNDRY: PBB Otso: Are they too young to be in the spotlight?

PBB has been our all-time favorite reality tv show. But with teens invading Kuya’s house, there’s a question that lingers for the housemates of PBB Otso: Are they too young to be in the spotlight?

PBB Otso is making noise in almost all social media platforms. The famous reality TV show has one of the much-awaited shows in the Philippine television. We just love reality tv shows. We live for the entertainment value it brings and most of all, the drama. We’re in it for the drama!

ABS CBN has teased us with its numerous commercials about Camp Star Hunt. It’s where they found their aspiring dreamers and potential housemates. We’ve seen 7 generations of housemates, both adults and teens. And PBB Otso is not different from the previous editions before. It’s everybody’s dream to be star-famous, at some point in their lives.

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But PBB in this generation can be quite different. We live in a digital era where almost everyone has access to social media. Everyone can speak their minds for the world to see.

Moreover, incessant arguments flood social media whenever there is a juicy scoop to share. That has always been a habit amongst Filipino netizens, don’t you agree? Even with PBB Otso just starting, a lot of people are preying on these kids who are just minding their own business and being themselves.

So the question remains…. is too much for these teens to handle such pressure and drama from social media?

Backlash and flaming in social media world

Social media can be a double-edged sword. Especially for teens who make up the most users of social media platforms. And for the PBB Otso housemates, they are an easy target for the vultures. Since they have no means of communication (as of now), people are indulging their “keyboard warrior” personas. And in just a week, a lot of people are dissing some of the teen housemates and judging them. This is the downside of reality tv, sometimes, even though they say to just be yourself, not everyone likes it.

One bad move, one bad decision, one slip-up, people judge them. That’s reality tv. What they see is what they get. But these kids are innocent from being called a bad person. They’re growing teens, just entering puberty, so mistakes are inevitable. That’s what mistakes are for, right? For us to learn and be better. We’ve all been there.

To be in the entertainment industry with all those backlashes is hard to deal with. They may be pressured, have a hard time trusting people but so far, we salute them! They dove into a risky business where their whole life is out for the world to see.

No hate, just love

We’ve all been fans and haters of the celebrities at some point. But these kids are just kids. These kids are in the business not just to give entertainment but to fulfill their dreams. They were chosen to go inside the Big Brother house to show who they are and what that they are capable of. They may be young but they’re dreamers. And they’re a step away from achieving it. So maybe, we can be the start of removing the toxicity that affects these kids.

After all, even though they are too young, they still human. Salute to all PBB Otso housemates and Camp Star Hunt aspirants!

How do you plead in our question, “PBB Otso: Are they too young to be in the spotlight?”? Are you tuning in with the newest PBB edition? Let us know how you feel about the teen housemates on the comments section below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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