PBB’s LouDre kiss shocks viewers!

LouDre shared passionate kisses in last night PBB episode and they are getting mixed reactions for it.


Pinoy Big Brother housemates Lou and Andre have been very open and vocal about their attraction towards each other. Most of us hoped we would get to see LouDre become a thing (even when Abi was still in the house). We were not disappointed. We know for a fact that they are an item, but that could not prepare us for what took place in last night’s episode!

Pool Party

While everyone was enjoying the pool party Kuya threw for the housemates, LouDre seemingly has been enjoying each other’s company more. Is it the liquor? Is it just the heat of the moment? We don’t know for sure, but we know that they shared passionate kisses by the pool.

While the hosts may have been giddy about the kiss, it apparently has not been the same for everyone else. The other 6 housemates, for one, had divided takes on whether the LouDre kiss was a-okay. Most of the housemates argued that the two are both adults, but Fumiya was certainly culture-shocked.

“It’s a little weird because we all live here…they can’t control too much. In Japan, like this (gestures a hug) is already rude in public. It’s okay in the Philippines, I thought, but since your reactions are like this… If its the outside world, it’s okay, but we are 8 in the house.”

Fumiya does have a point there, considering that they are in a reality show, doing something like that could mean great risks both for LouDre’s image and stay inside the PBB house.

The viewers’ reaction…

Some might have said, “It was just a kiss, right”. I mean, no big deal, we all have friends who do crazier stuff when the alcohol gets to their system, but to the Filipino viewers, things like this are very hard to dismiss. The episode actually spurred an online debate on whether LouDre’s actions were acceptable.

On one end, some are saying that they are adults, and even when under the influence of alcohol, they should know their limits.

While some are blaming the show altogether for even airing the episode, considering that (even with the SPG rating) a very big percentage of the show’s audience are youngsters.

And some are in between about the topic.

This is not the first time, however, that something like this happened inside the house. We can still remember former housemate Sam Milby do the same thing (but it was not that big of a deal then).

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bRY9QtaSAI[/embedyt]

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