OMG! Jeffree Star said ‘Michelle Dy Basics’ is TRASH!

Jeffree Star and Michelle Dy are at it again! I kid you not, but Jeffree Star tweeted that ‘Michelle Dy Basics’ is TRASH! #Shady


We all know that Jeffree Star can be #SavageAF. But who knew that it was this far up the scale? Because Jeffree Star literally just called Michelle Dy’s new line of makeup brushes, ‘Michelle Dy Basics’, TRASH! Yes, he did that.

It all started when a fan asked him to do an honest review of ‘Michelle Dy Basics’:

To which Jeffree Star savagely replied:

Yikes! There were no holds barred with that one. Jeffree Star literally just called Michelle Dy’s new brush line, trash. Deadpan, trash! I mean Michelle Dy has a significant following locally, but Jeffree Star’s following is way beyond what she has. But this isn’t the first time the two had crossed paths.

If you can recall Jeffree Star called out Michelle Dy for copying his ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ series. And making her own ‘Michelle Dy Approved’ series. To which Michelle Dy apologized and ceased to continue the series. But I guess their beef doesn’t end there.

Did Michelle Dy quietly clap back at Jeffree Star?


It looks like Michelle Dy isn’t going to go down quietly. Because after Jeffree Star’s tweet went viral, the local beauty vlogger tweeted this:

Although some people really aren’t liking the ‘Michelle Dy Basics’ brush line.

Do you agree with Jeffree Star saying that ‘Michelle Dy Basics’ is trash? Have you tried Michelle Dy’s new makeup brush line for yourself? Maybe you can tell us how they were for you. We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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