This just in! Nik Masino apparently is getting sued for stealing the beat of his widely popular Filipino hip-hop song, ‘Neneng B’! Find out more here!

We all know the song ‘Neneng B’ who’s making rounds on social media because of its explicit lyrics. And people just can’t get enough of it because of its undeniably catchy tune. However, it looks like the artist responsible for this scandalous song, Nik Masino, also couldn’t resist the flow of the song as he has been accused of stealing the beat from a Thai producer.

On Friday, Roko Tensei took it to Twitter that the beat for his song ‘Relax’ has been used without permission by Nik for ‘Neneng B” and that he owes him a lot of money. Furthermore, he announced that he will be suing the Filipino artist on November 20.

As of now, the official music video for ‘Neneng B’ was taken down from YouTube due to this copyright issue.

In case you haven’t heard both of the songs, listen to them right here!


Later this day, Nik Makino and Roko Tensei have been negotiating about the ‘Neneng B’ song issue. He said on Twitter: “If everything goes well the music video will be back as soon as possible.”

And just recently, Roko announced that Nik agreed to sign a deal with them.

Meanwhile, Nik shared a simple, “NENENG B MUSIC VIDEO OUT AGAIN 😊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” So this is great news for everyone because the ‘Neneng B’ MV is officially up and going!

What do you think of Nik Masino stealing the beat of Roko Tensei’s ‘Relax’ for ‘Neneng B’? And how do you feel that the music video is back on YouTube?

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