Bitter or not, Luis Manzano’s reaction over Angel Locsin’s engagement got him under fire from the netizens’ scrutinizing eyes!

A few days ago, a video clip of Luis Manzano’s interview circulated in social media. The said clip caught him on cam, commenting on his ex-girlfriend, Angel Locsin‘s engagement with film producer, Neil Arce. But apparently, netizens didn’t take his comment so well. Especially Angel Locsin’s fans.

On the other hand, Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin dated before. They did become a thing and dated on and off back in 2007. They eventually broke up after two years. But they reunited in 2014 and officially ended things in 2016. Their relationship became controversial because of rumors of a third party.

“‘Wag n’yo na akong idamay sa kwento niya. Hindi kailangan ang opinyon ko diyan or pangalan ko diyan. Wala akong kinalaman sa kwento.”

In the interview, Luis Manzano was asked about his opinion about the recent engagement of Angel Locsin and Neil Arce. Instead of the usual “I’m happy for her”, the TV host’s reply sounded a bit bitter. A lot of netizens called Manzano out for his bitter reply. And some of them even found themselves getting blocked for doing so.

He sounded really dead-on with his answer. Not even letting the interviewer interrupt him from his thoughts. No wonder some netizens found it appalling, especially when you can answer in a non-suggestive way as he did. Furthermore, he did sound a bit defensive during the interview.  For some netizens, they found his lack of compassion to the news quite intriguing. Especially, the fact that he never spoke any congratulatory messages towards the engaged couple. Makes you doubt his intentions, that’s for sure.

But did he really mean any harm?

According to Manzano himself, he did not intend for it to sound offensive for anyone. After the video went viral, the TV host defended himself from the bitter accusations towards him.

In a series of explanations on Twitter, he clarified that he didn’t want to be involved in the story because it was Angel and Neil’s story. There was no need for him or anyone else to be involved in the happy announcement that the couple made. It’s Angel and Neil’s story and no one’s opinion should matter to the happy love story they have.

Manzano said that people might have misinterpreted him. Especially with the tone of his voice and how fast he spoke. But he reiterated that he did not mean anything bad against Locsin and her fiance, Arce.

In any case, he and his girlfriend Jessie Mendiola just celebrated their third anniversary last June 25.

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