I don’t know if you’ve heard, but last night’s SB19 mall show at SM Sangandaan was a disaster! And this is why it should serve as a reminder.


ICYDK Twitter and Facebook are blowing up with rant threads, videos, and photos of last night’s SB19 mall show at SM Sangandaan! In one word, last night’s SB19 mall show was a disaster. It all started when the venue inside the mall was getting too crowded. Which is honestly a mistake on the management’s part. And people were fainting and everything! But what happened after, and how attendees acted is the real problem.

This is so disappointing to watch…


This Twitter user recounted their experience during the SB19 mall show last night at SM Sangandaan. And honestly, it was a very disappointing read. They noted that some people that were there weren’t even fans but simply hecklers:

And the worst of it all was when SB19 management announced that the SB19 performance was moving to the 5th-floor carpark. And people were so UN-DISCIPLINED that they were climbing walls to get there. Imagine, this was a carpark! This could have been so dangerous. Check out the video below:

This is what real fans do


Almost everything about last night was a disaster. Some fans even noted that SB19 themselves were disappointed with the situation. But thankfully, some people were still acting the way they were supposed to. Check out these fans who were cleaning up all the trash that other attendees left at the venue:

Real fans would never do anything that would tarnish the name of their fandom. Even K-Pop fans know this. Because not only is it disrespectful to your idols, but also damaging to the reputation of Filipino fandoms in general. So take note of these true fans that know how to clean up after themselves, and even of others.

This does not only go out to SB19 fans or AURUMS, but to all fans in general. We should always act with proper decorum, so we don’t embarrass our idols. We should be fans that know how to properly act. And that is why last night’s SB19 mall show at SM Sangandaan should serve as a reminder to all. And hopefully, more successful SB19 mall shows in the future!

What do you think of what happened at last night’s SB19 mall show at SM Sangandaan? Were you disappointed like we were? And do you think this can serve as a lesson for fans attending future mall shows? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.