After catching fire in the recent issue between Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson, Julia Barretto speaks out her mind, once and for all.

In the past few days, Julia Barretto had been the talk of the town. After being involved in the alleged cheating of Gerald Anderson with Bea Alonzo, she became the target of netizens. Both parties had stated their two cents. Telling their own side of the story to shake off everyone from their backs. But not Julia Barretto. She breaks her silence after Gerald Anderson speaks his mind that fueled more hate towards her. And this time, she’s not letting go without a fight.

In case you missed it, Julia posted on her Instagram account a sharp and concise message for everyone. It caught everyone’s attention because of the first photo it featured. An old photo of her and Bea Alonzo back in the days. That alone was enough to spark everyone’s interest.

A few weeks ago, the young actress found herself under fire after being allegedly involved with Gerald Anderson. Apparently, a photo of the two went viral in social media. Which wasn’t new to celebrities. But the thing is, Gerald Anderson was dating Bea Alonzo. And being caught in camera with Julia only stirred netizens to think that she’s the third party. Everyone had it for Julia. Calling her names and attacking her through social media. But it seems like the young actress is done with everyone’s crap after posting her thoughts on the issue.

Clearing things up

She reiterated that she’s being attacked for two reasons. One, cheating on her “boyfriend” Joshua Garcia. And two, causing the breakup of another relationship. Namely, the Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo couple.

According to her, she did not cheat on Joshua. They have broken up for about four months ago. And they announced it publicly. Therefore, she dating other guys or Gerald Anderson isn’t cheating. Not at all.

And in a previous interview, Gerald Anderson cleared that Julia wasn’t the cause of their breakup. It was indifference between the two actors. And Julia doesn’t want to be dragged into other people’s mess. Especially when she’s not really involved in the said breakup. But then again, her name was already dragged into it anyway.

“I refuse to be your victim”

However, the next messages shocked everyone. She barraged Bea Alonzo with her own sentiments about the issue. Julia reminded Bea to keep her heartbreak a private matter. She kind of blamed her for making the issue a national concern. Creating a movement of hate with her previous actions. She pertains to the “harmless” liking of photos, comments, and posts that shown aggression and hate towards Julia. Which resulted in people to attack her more, despite her silence.

She calls out how Bea’s action deprived her a chance to tell her side. A chance for people to hear her out. In fact, it created space for people to bully Julia. And Bea played the victim all along. But Julia, being Julia doesn’t intend to fall into that trap. Nor be a victim of Bea’s “victim card” as she suggests.

True, the hate grew more intense after Bea’s liking spree during the first few days. And it only fueled the netizens hate towards Julia. No wonder Julia feels bullied by Bea, a person whom she treated with respect and admiration.

Ends her two cents with her head up high

The young Barretto ended her lengthy post with claiming back her power, voice, and soul. After all the harsh words she endured over the course of weeks, she will no longer be chained by people’s opinion about her. Nor will she have herself be brought down by hate.

We might have thought that the issue had died down. But with Julia’s statement, it only brings us to more question about the honesty of the other party. With laying her cards down, Julia proves that she’s not the one to blame. Nor she will allow herself to be. Regardless of what people would say, she’s ready to face on the world with her love for herself and strength.

Will we hear more from Bea Alonzo herself after she gets called out by Julia Barretto? Or will this be the end of the issue? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.