After the heated confrontation on Twitter, Darren Espanto’s mother reportedly filed a cyber libel case against JK Labajo.

We can all remember the Twitter feud that transpired between JK Labajo and Darren Espanto. I mean, who could forget about that? In those few days, the internet was wild, and it all started with one tweet. If you don’t, let us give you a refresher.

Twitter feud

Late last year, JK took to Twitter to mention his “The Voice Kids” co-finalist, Darren Espanto and say “gayness at its finest”.

What drove him to write this tweet? We don’t know for sure. It can be remembered that this event was also around the same time JK released his single, ‘Buwan‘, and Darren, his revival of ‘Dying Inside’. Was he talking about Darren’s version of ‘Dying Inside’? We can’t really be sure since he denied having tweeted that in the first place. The singer/actor reasoned that his account was hacked and that he had nothing to do with the tweet.

Darren, on the other hand, expressed his frustration about what JK had posted in a tweet. And the event justspiraledd down since.

Apparently, JK had tried reaching out to Darren in private about it explaining that the tweet might have been edited since there were two versions of it with different timestamps, but the latter was unresponsive. And so JK took it out publicly (again) and things just got worse. In a long Twitter thread, he explained his side, which might have done it if he hadn’t ended it with this statement:

“Magkita na lang tayo sa korte.”

And so there it goes, Darren then threatened to see JK in court because of the things he posted. He has been the object of bashing on social media for allegedly being gay (although we see nothing wrong with that), discounting his friendship with JK, and using “gayness” as an insult to masculinity.

JK, similarly, had also started receiving so much hate ever since, including death threats on social media. His public image has not been so good since then. Only recently he has been hated in light of his cursing controversy. I know, right? All these for a tweet! But then, we can’t blame Darren, too, if the allegations against JK were true. After all, the worst betrayal is the type that comes from the people closest to you.

Going back to the present, Darren’s mother, Marinel Espanto has reportedly filed a case of cyber libel against JK. Why just now? It appears the family waited for JK to turn 18 so the case would be fileable.

What do you think about this? It’s unknown whether the two actors had a communication after the incident, but based on what we know, the family seemed determined not to let JK get away with it.

Is it really worth it to go this far for a tweet? Or is it just right to file this case for the damage that JK had done? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.