#TeamJoLai no more?

After a seemingly happy ending to the JoLai love story when they tied the knot late last year, Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez (more commonly known as Team Jolai) are having problems with their relationship again. And what’s worse? It’s with the same person as 2016: Toni Fowler.

Just recently it circulated in social media that Jon and Toni met again in February of this year, which triggered Jelai to break it up with him. She took to social media to let everyone know that she and Jon are, in fact, not in good terms anymore.

Boom! Bashed!

Jon Gutierrez received so much hate afterwards. Just 5 months into marriage and the guy cheats with the same girl? That’s a ruined image just waiting to happen. Considering that the couple has endorsements together, this isn’t good for their careers (both of them), so it really must have been a big, brave step for Jelai to release the news on social media. Jon’s name has since been linked to quotes like “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” and people on social media are raving about what a big loss Jelai is, to be replaced with Toni Fowler.

A long history

If you’re someone who has been following Team JoLai for a while now, you’d know this isn’t the first time something like this happened. This issue goes way back in 2016, when the couple also publicized their breakup, with a third party being the reason. And that third party was also Toni Fowler.

Shots fired on Facebook live

With Zeinab Harake starting the FB live trend where she dissed ex-boyfriend Darryl Borja or Skusta Clee of Ex Battalion, Toni Fowler felt the need to clear everything out, once and for all. She said she couldn’t keep being quiet about the issue anymore since it’s starting to drag her name (again).

Apparently, everything started in 2016 when she and Jon both joined a group chat on Facebook. According to the RBreezy babe, Jon had approached her via chat and taught her how to use Snapchat. After teaching her how Jon was allegedly asking for a nude photo (or at least a photo of her boobs) in return for it. Several more allegations have been made in the 59-minute Facebook live video. It appears Toni was a victim of unsolicited dick pics, too, like most of us (lol).

The main claim of the video was Toni admitting her mistakes in 2016 but explaining that she didn’t know back then that Jon had a girlfriend. Jon had told her that the relationship was just for show, she said, and that it was all “scripted”. Toni also shared that at the time the news about them broke, she became depressed from all the hate she had received. If you just watch this one video, you’ll probably end up feeling some sort of pity for this girl who didn’t say anything back then, when it turns out she was a victim of Jon’s lies, too.

The wife’s reply

However, Jelai was quick to respond, saying that everything Toni had said in the live video was a big, fat LIE. She cited some points in the live video which she thinks is problematic (even though she admitted not watching the whole thing). For example, she denied the allegations that she physically hurts Jon. She explained that it happened once when she discovered the video that Toni Fowler sent to her then-boyfriend of her pleasing herself and even moaning for a straight 3 minutes, which Jelai didn’t show in the camera. But she sure had the guts to show a still and play the sounds for all of the internets to hear.

That’s Toni Fowler alright! Jelai also clarified that they seldom get paid for the things they upload online, except for the rare YouTube videos and a few endorsements. So it couldn’t be possible that they’ll live under the same roof for a relationship that’s just for show. Her sentiments were that of a betrayed wife. She did not defend Jon but she seemed unable to believe that her husband might have been the one going after Toni all this time.

No filter

After all the allegations that Jelai threw into this video, we can’t expect Toni not to fire back! And alas, there it was… another FB live. While she admitted that it was her in the video, she also explained that she did not send it the day after she and Jelai met, but waaaay before that, when she did not know yet that Jon had a girlfriend.

It was only in this video, also, that Toni explained the reason for her self-harming back in 2016. No, it was not because of mere jealousy, or because of the hate comments. It was because people said so many bad things about her child. Yes, she has a daughter, and some people told her she’s no good mother. Some even wished for her daughter to be raped (or gang banged). I mean, really guys? Is that a thing to wish a 4-year-old?

“Magsalita ka na, Jon.”- Toni

Toni then called out to Jon and Ex Battalion co-singer Mark to speak up and tell the truth because if everything she said was true, her name is in as big a fire as Jon’s in this mess. And it also is ruining her present relationship with the live-in partner, Rob Moya.

We are now only waiting for Jon Gutierrez to finally have the balls and speak up, once and for all. But really, do you think FB live videos are necessary? Or do you think it’s better if they talk it out like adults in private? I’m not complaining, though, you know we always live for the tea (*sips tea with pinky out*). But there are things we need not know. Well, these are internet celebrities after all, and their lives are often open books. We can only hope that they can resolve everything so that this whole fiasco won’t cause them an entire marriage and a family.

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