Last October 17, a ton of issues have sparked controversy on Twitter. Sexual allegations against celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua was one of them.

In a tweet made last October 17, a user has posted screenshots of a Facebook post by an alleged Jaime Dy. In her post, she accused esteemed wedding videographer Jason Magbanua to be sleeping with his bride clients and even the bridesmaids. This received a ton of flak on the internet as various users share their opinions on the issue.

Check the screenshots below.

Jaime Dy Accusing Jason Magbanua

Jaime Dy accusing Jason Magbanua 2

Jaime Dy Accusing Jason Magbanua 3

Jaime Dy Accusing Jason Magbanua 4

But is it true?

A fabrication of persona and story

Last Friday, October 18, Jason Magbanua finally spoke up against the allegations. He took to Twitter to explain his side that everything was just a fabrication and that the ‘Jaime Dy’ person has been harassing him and his family for months now.

Moreover, in his thread, he explains everything that ‘Jaime Dy’ has done to sabotage him. According to him, she often revised and refined a ‘sob’ story about their fake child and his death. She even harassed his daughter in Instagram under the name Sigmund Magbanua.

More importantly, Jason denies the allegations of him sleeping with his bride clients and bridesmaids – the thing which he was most criticized for. He says that everything was a lie.

In addition, he talks about how what happened caused him great anxiety, not to mention affect his partner and kids.

And so, as a result, we are left dumbfounded about certain realizations on how we tackle issues on social media.

The Dangers of Call-out and Cancel Culture

Did you all notice how quickly some of us ‘cancelled’ Jason Magbanua? Because of a few screenshots that someone has shared, we immediately believed it and even shared our own negative takes on the issue.

We all complain about fake news when we recognize it, but when certain ‘tea’ is exposed about celebrities or personalities, some of us even don’t even think twice about the facts surrounding it.

A lot of other Twitter users have noticed this too:

As people who share and interact with other people on the internet, we should all be responsible with how we respond to things. Call-out culture may be constructive, but at times people can get really personal and abusive.

With this issue on Jason Magbanua, some people actually even criticized his personal characteristics – something which is just irrelevant and uncalled for. Some people tend to forget that at the other side of the screen, another living person is reading what they said.

Moreover, we should just stop ‘cancel’ culture overall. Yes, it does promote being aware or ‘woke’ about certain things that a person should not do, but when you ‘cancel’ a person, you are basically taking from them the chance to prove that they’ll become better.

After all, we humans have this so-called ‘pride’ which is admittedly, hard to ignore. When you attack a person and ‘cancel’ him, doesn’t it step on his pride and dignity? And more importantly, who are we to do that to another person?

The sexual allegations against Jason Magbanua may be really fake, but we aren’t 100% sure yet. But just a reminder: when you choose to partake in call-out or ‘cancel’ culture, practice critical thinking. We are all capable of that, aren’t we?

What do you think of this issue and of ‘cancel’ culture? Do you think personalities should suffer if they did something wrong?

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