It’s time to break down It’s Showtime’s GirlTrends excruciating dance performances. Is it just a publicity stunt or are they really that bad?

A few days ago, videos of a certain girl group from the noontime variety show, It’s Showtime went viral. It features the girl group, GirlTrends, performing dance covers who seemed to be a little of it while dancing. Their dance performances went viral not because they’re amazing but because of how bad they are.

GirlTrends has always been part of ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime family. Former Pinoy Big Brother housemates and young actresses comprise the group since 2016. But it’s the first time they went viral over something trivial like a bad dance performance. And to be perfectly honest, it’s the first time the girls made a buzz for themselves. And when their time to get the spotlight to themselves, it’s over a dance performance that went wrong.

Bad dance synergy and synchronization?

Seriously speaking, their dance number for Sam Smith’s How Do You Sleep will make you cringe hard. It was evident that they weren’t synchronized. Not to mention, some of them seemed to be following the others to make it work. And on top of that, their choreography, compared to the original dance steps in Sam Smith’s video was executed wrong.

Netizens began criticizing the girls, of course. Some even pointed out how ironic it is for them to be regarded with a high-end production but can’t execute a dance cover even if it means to save themselves. Unlike the previous members of GT, the recent members aren’t living to the expectation.

If they did miss practices, then shouldn’t they be responsible as artists? Because if they are this bad, how about those talented dancers and singers who work their asses off and deserve the exposure?

Or just a publicity stunt to get noticed?

The issue died down gradually. Like most showbiz blunders in history. However, another dance performance of GT went viral. Again. And this time, it’s their dance number for Blackpink’s DDU-DU DDU-DU.

For Kpop fans, their performance was an eyesore. But this time, it made people think if they are doing this on purpose. GT doesn’t have that kind of recognition and popularity in the scene. Unlike their counterpart, the Hashtags. So that’s why everyone’s wondering whether the girls are banking too much on their bad performance. Because it happened twice in a row.

Bad publicity is still publicity. True, it hurts the reputation and credibility of GT as a local girl group. But unlike other artists, they have a whole network and management to back them up. Despite getting roasted online, they will only gain traction from it. People will keep talking about them. They will be the talk of the town and make them more remarkable, somehow. Like they said, bad publicity is still publicity.

If this continues to happen, then it will really be suspicious of them. But for now, I wonder if people will still give them the benefit of the doubt. Showbiz can be manipulative and deceptive. Who knows what’s going on inside the minds of the management, right? But for what it’s worth, It’s Showtime’s GirlTrends used to better than that. So what happened now?

What can you say about the dance screw up of It’s Showtime’s GirlTrends? Do you think it’s for publicity or are they really that bad? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.