Tea is being served yet again and this time, Gerald Anderson hosts the party. Did he really cheat on Bea Alonzo with Julia Barretto?!

Gerald Anderson is under fire just this weekend for allegedly cheating on Bea Alonzo with ‘Between Maybes‘ co-star Julia Barretto. And we’ve laid out what we know so far for you!


We wouldn’t want to judge or anything, but history dictates that the probability of this news being true is high. If memory serves us right, these kinds of issues aren’t relatively new to Gerald.

It’s in 2013. And you were probably re-watching “Paano Na Kaya” and crying to the lines “Laging may kaya lang, never naging simpleng ‘Mahal kita, Mae’.” Suddenly, you hear the news about the Kimerald love team breaking up! And Kim Chiu’s best friend, Maja Salvador, was the suspected third party.  It broke the hearts of most Kimerald fans, for sure, but we could only imagine how it felt for the two women being pitted against each other, forced to sacrifice their friendship for a man.

The same thing happened with Sarah Geronimo, apparently. Although these are all closed books that need not be reopened, revisiting these past events surely give us a hint into what’s been happening for years. If all these are true, then Gerald seemingly can’t get a girl the proper way. Cheating into a new relationship without properly ending the current one isn’t very good for his image, and it looks like it has developed into a bad habit.

Julia Barretto’s involvement

Gerald and Julia first did a film together just this year called ‘Between Maybes’. We didn’t think of it as anything. With this year being the age of experimental love teams, a new pairing couldn’t be bad. And they actually did well with the film!

However, just recently, news broke out that Julia and her real-life partner Joshua Garcia changed their status into being just ‘best friends‘. Suspicious? We thought so, too! The two never really confirmed the break up verbally, but the change of status became really alarming for the fans.

Although the two already denied speculations regarding a third-party, the timing by which this news came out, the movie’s release, and the news about Bea Alonzo getting cheated on is too much of a coincidence if it’s even one.

“If they do it once, they’ll do it again.”

This whole thing is already a hot mess but it only grew hotter the moment Bea Alonzo pitched in.

Bea was seen liking Instagram posts of proofs about the two having a relationship. And then, she followed it up with quotes in her IG story saying “Something I learned about people… If they do it once, they’ll do it again.”

Bea also shared an Instagram photo which was only black and captioned it,“You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice. ENOUGH. ”

No name-dropping was involved. The last thing she’d want is to shame the guy vulgarly on social media. But Bea liking all these posts about Gerald and Julia is shady as hell! If this doesn’t point us to the culprit then what will? Gerald and Julia also had photos of them on a private vacation spreading around social media.

You might be wondering what Joshua Garcia has to say about this. Well, so far he hasn’t posted anything except for an IG story that said “I’m mute” which has since been deleted. He also liked Bea’s IG post.

What goes around comes back around.

While most of the fans are rooting for Bea and Joshua, others aren’t so sympathetic. They claim that Bea and Gerald cheated on Kim Chiu, way back in 2010. In the same way, Joshua also had a past issue of sliding into girls’ private messages while he was still with Julia.

There are also several tweets linking Gerald Anderson to other celebrities older than him, pointing out that he would flirt with any girl he works with. The whole thing is a messy conundrum. But what we learned about this is that if a guy cheats his way into a relationship, he’ll probably cheat his way out of it, too. You lose him the same way you got him! What goes around comes back around, but this is no reason to wish bad upon others or be happy with their suffering. No woman deserves to be cheated on in the same way that no woman deserves to be made Ms. Number Two.

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