Uh-oh. It looks like another cheating scandal is rocking the Filipino hip-hop world via Twitter and it’s about none other than ‘Esmi’ singer, Because. Find out more here:

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On Wednesday, a Twitter user named Dana Dy with the handle @danabananers took it to the social media platform to call out Filipino hip-hop artist, Because, for allegedly cheating. Apparently, Dana is the girlfriend of the singer and despite them being public about their affection for each other, no one thought their relationship would take a wrong turn.

In her tweet, Dana said: “ur rap idol @because0801 is a cheater ahahahaha r u guys ok w that ahahahaha anyway let’s sing esmi one more time.”

Well, this is very shocking for many of their fans considering just last December 2, Because tweeted a post appreciation for Dana saying how much he missed her.

And when we tell you netizens aren’t happy, we mean they ain’t.

And although we’re not totally sure who Because cheated with or when he did it, Dana also made a post on Facebook saying: “imagine reading this post ur gf made then cheat the next day.”

So is it safe to assume that the height of Because’s cheating allegation was during September? Probably.


But what we’re finding very amusing about this issue (if it happens to be true ) is the irony. In case you didn’t know, Because dropped his latest single, ‘Esmi’, last October as part of his 2019 album, ‘Rowena’. Apparently, “esmi” is a Filipino slang for “wife” or “wifey” and the song is basically about finding the right woman and choosing to stay with her through thick and thin. So…with the topic at hand, it’s kinda ironic, isn’t it?

I could choose to fuck it up
But I’ll be loyal to you baby
Pagod na ‘ko na maghanap
‘Kaw na ang gusto maging esmi

Because has yet to comment on the issue but if he decides to do so, we’re all ears on this one.

What do you think of the cheating allegation thrown at Because? And will you still be supporting the Filipino hip-hop artist despite this issue?

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