Nash Aguas is in hot water with fans because of his comment on Mika Dela Cruz’s photo on Instagram! See! Don’t be fooled by picture-perfect couples on social media!


In this day and age, gaining approval on social media is more important to humans than ever. And since the whole issue with Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, and Mika Dela Cruz broke out, it really got us thinking. Sometimes, people just post and caption things to appear how they want to be seen by people. But it doesn’t necessarily reflect who they really are. And this goes for seemingly picture-perfect couples on social media. So we’re telling you today, don’t be fooled by picture-perfect couples on social-media!

So what happened between the three of them?


ICYDK, it all started when Mika Dela Cruz posted a photo of her and her boyfriend, Nash Aguas, when they were kids on her Instagram. To which she captioned, “13 years & he’s still my best friend.” But the real drama doesn’t start there. It was what Nash replied to the pic, that got fans furious.



He replied to Mika’s photo saying, “13 years & I’m still in love with you.” But as anyone who has followed their love story knows. Within that 13 years, Nash and Alexa Ilacad actually had something going on. Before he and Mika Dela Cruz became serious boyfriend and girlfriend.

So, what the hell Nash? We know you’re just trying to be sweet. But maybe don’t try so hard to get that #CoupleGoals badge. See, this is why you shouldn’t be fooled by picture-perfect couples on social media.

Alexa Ilacad’s reaction is a whole mood


How Alexa Ilacad handled the whole situation is an impeccable display of maturity. In an interview with TWBA, she admitted that when she saw the post that she was shocked. Saying, “so when you said ’13 years and I still love you’ where was I? Because I was there.” You can catch her full interview on TWBA right here:

The moral of the story is this, guys; don’t be fooled by picture-perfect couples on social media. Nobody really knows what’s going on in their relationship. Nobody knows if those sweet messages are genuine or not. Because obviously, Nash lied when he commented that statement. Unless he never had feelings for Alex at all? Then what does that make him? I’ll leave it up to you. I’m not telling all of you to be bitter. But maybe take things you see online with a grain of salt. And never let it affect your views on your own relationship.

What do you think of seemingly picture-perfect couples on social media? And wasn’t it just disrespectful of Nash Aguas to say that? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.