DIRTY LAUNDRY: Does Kylie have the right to be entitled?

Worldwide fame and wealth—are these enough to make a person entitled? The Kardashians try to answer this as a family feud caused by Kylie’s “entitlement” ensues. Does Kylie have the right to be entitled?

The Kardashians are one of the most popular people in the world, and maybe even one of the richest. We keep up with their everyday lives, and we get so hooked that it gets hard to know why! Maybe we’re piqued at how a family worth millions live their lives in a day to day basis. But it turns out they fight just like any other family, only in this case they fight about bigger things… if you know what I mean.

Just recently, Kris Jenner vented her frustration about Kylie’s being “territorial” out to her eldest daughter Kourtney. Apparently, Kylie yelled at Kris in front of many people, telling her not to ever park in her parking spot again, that it’s the one thing that means to her, and that she’s worked so hard for it. Of course, it could be easy to judge Kylie hearing only this, but She had a different take on this.

A frustrated Kylie vented out on her sister Khloe, saying that her mom is doing “too much” with her office. She pays too much a month for it and has spent too much time making it perfect. She was as frustrated about her mom being in her parking spot. In the conversation, Kylie also discovered that her mom gave Khloe and her ex-boyfriend a tour of the office without her knowing, even though she clearly told her to wait until she’s present to give the grand tour. Kris is also claiming that Kylie’s office is actually her office. For Kylie, it was getting out of hand.

Kris Jenner

Kourtney immediately siding with her mom is understandable. As the eldest daughter, seeing their youngest sibling disrespecting their mom that way is alarming. She had to remind her mom that she deserves respect from Kylie and that she’s being entitled just because she’s Kylie “Billionaire” Jenner. It’s not that she has some beef with her sister, but it’s just a natural reaction coming from an elder sister, considering the way that Kris told her the story.

In Kris’ Jenner, it’s easy to feel hurt when your daughter whom you raised treats you that way. Kylie is rich now, of course, and makes her own money, but still, Kris is her mom. And yelling at your mom in front of people isn’t always the right way to go in an argument. We suspect that Kris might have been okay with had Kylie talked to her calmly about it and in private.

Kylie Jenner

Just as we said, it can be easy to misjudge Kylie without thinking about her reasons. First of all, Kylie is the youngest self-made billionaire. At only 21 years old, she’s living the life most of us wish we could have! Of course, having been born in the family that she was born in was a helpful circumstance, but the success of her makeup line? That’s one thing she could own. Both her mom and sisters agree that she deserves all the honor for Kylie Cosmetics. She started making her own money and saved every nickel, and invested in what she wants to do without knowing if it would succeed. And it did succeed, making her a billionaire. And understandably, some people would just want to ride on her success without wanting to be part of the process.

This being said, we totally understand why Kylie feels so violated about what her mom did with her office. Running a company isn’t easy, and her office is the one place she can call her own and have her time working. She spent so much money paying for it per month, making it perfect, and then someone else would claim it as theirs? Not to mention, giving that unauthorized tour to other people is out of the line. It clearly says Kylie Cosmetics in a glass panel with her logo on it, so there’s no sense in why Kris would claim that it’s her office. There’s also surely a lot of parking space around a multi-million dollar company, so taking Kylie’s parking spot would have to be intentional.

Back to the question…

This only brings us back to the question. Does Kylie have the right to be entitled? We can only tell you that she has every right to the company she built. However, no matter how big of a billionaire you are, it should never be a reason to disrespect family. In the same way, your child may be your child, but it does not mean you are also entitled to everything they have worked for. What do you think?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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