A sexual predator. A manipulator. A rapist.

These terms are now being used to label Filipino actor, Ping Medina, after a series of confessions broke out on twitter exposing their own malicious encounters with him.

Week 6: Ping enters Bahay ni Kuya

Starting from Joy Belmonte, Koko Pimentel, and Sam Morales, this week, we have another housemate to welcome into the growing list of most notorious Filipinos entering the PBB house, quarantine edition. Ping Medina, the famous son of actor Pen Medina, has been receiving virtual scowls from Twitter citizens for allegedly sexually harassing young women on the internet and even in real life.

Ping had been subject to rumors about sexual misconduct in the past, but on the night of April 15 this year, a twitter user named ‘Jan’ started a thread containing screenshots of private messages revealing how the actor “verbally abuses girls to have sex w him.”

On a follow-up tweet, Jan proved her point by saying, “He has a history of his behaviour which resulted in him getting kicked out from ateneo. He still hasn’t learned his lesson, obviously.” She claimed that several other women have also privately messaged her with their own stories, but they’re too afraid to come out.

One Twitter user replied to the tweet saying, “This is truuuue! I have friends who told me that he would message them online and ask them to go to his condo! Di naman sila magkakilala personally. None of them did go though, finding it creepy. Sad that other girls were victimized.”

The thread also contains screenshots from other victims of their conversation with the actor, revealing that he frequents on dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. There, he slides into girls’ DM’s with a dirty approach that makes the receivers uncomfortable.

Baron Geisler joins the fiasco

Baron has also added gasoline to the fire, joining the thread with an accusation that his ex was raped by Ping Medina. A quick flashback: in 2016, Baron Geisler peed on Ping during a taping. Now, the public was able to connect the dots, concluding that the pee feud began as an act of revenge.

As of this writing, Ping Medina is yet to respond to the accusations. Also, some of the screenshots from the alleged victims have been deleted from Twitter.

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