“Eats More Fun in the Philippines” is the title of the Department of Tourism’s campaign for the promotion of Philippine cuisine.

A pun on ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’, this campaign is made to introduce food from the Philippine cuisine to the world.

To serve as an introduction to the campaign, DOT partnered up with Jollibee to make a three-minute long mini documentary. The video features chefs JP Anglo and Jordan Andino and comedian Mikey Bustos in a series of skits.

Watch it here.

The Filipino palate


We Filipinos LOVE to eat. And by watching the video, we realized we really love to eat A LOT.

Just watching the video made us want to eat again!

The large variety of Filipino food is amazing. We are not complaining because the more options, the better.

But watching the video made us think, maybe that’s why it’s so hard to choose what to eat or where to eat.

Imagine mixing a lot of flavors in one, resulting in the halu-halo? Someone must have been hungry enough to combine fruits, gelatin, sweetened beans, ube, nata de coco, leche flan, ice cream, and a lot more ingredients in one serving and to eat it all at the same time!

We also have the never-ending debate about caldereta, afritada and menudo. (P.S.: Guys, the difference between these is the meat used.)

Although there are examples of our meals in this video by DOT, we personally think it was lacking and the message was not effectively shown.

An advertisement for Jollibee?

To be honest, the video was cool. For the first two minutes. 

The shots were cinematic; the spoofs were funny; the food was mouth-watering. But when it hit the two-minute mark and the giant bee came out, it spiraled down things.

We were expecting Jollibee to appear. We knew he would make an appearance in the video. But what we didn’t expect was that the video which was supposed to promote the Filipino cuisine turned into an advertisement for the fast food chain.

Yes, we get it. A lot of Filipinos love and enjoy Jollibee. We grew up eating Chickenjoy! We like their spaghetti, burger, yada yada yada. Jollibee is also nice for going overseas and bringing comfort to our OFWs.

But is it really necessary to showcase their menu in this DOT campaign? Is this what we want to promote internationally?

Do we want our home-cooked Filipino cuisine to be overshadowed by the fast-food giant?

Eat ruined the fun

It’s enough that the giant bee is DOT’s chosen campaign ambassador. There are a lot of different meals which they could’ve featured more in the video. They should have let Jollibee appear just once to feature the Chickenjoy and then finish. Because really, it ruined the message of the whole video.

Still, we hope for the best. For now, we just want to eat our disappointment away.

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