Have you heard of it? There’s tea about the guitarist of IV of Spades and we’re here to spill it! Blaster’s “Cheating” Scandal is all over the social media space!

If you’ve been spending time and sulking over Twitter, then you might have heard of it from our Twitter friends. Just recently, there was a tweet about Blaster that circulated on Twitter. At first, it was an “unalleged” tweet about Blaster sending a D pic to a foreign girl. And I tell you, the whole Twitterverse and IVOS fans are shaking.

The Blaster Allegation

It was definitely a serious allegation. Not just because of the fact that it might be an “unsolicited D pic” but because we all know that Blaster Silonga is with Crystal Jobli, his longtime girlfriend. But Emma Auclair, @taehyubins from Twitter, was out for blood.

The issue started with her tweet shouting out that Blaster was “trash”. Apparently, Emma was in talking terms with Blaster. And the conversation might have led to the di*k pic. Of course, people want receipts, because to believe is to see receipts! And boy, did the issue escalated.

It appears that Emma was a IV of Spades fan as well and was lucky enough to be followed by Blaster in Instagram. And they did have a conversation based from some screenshots that circulated on Twitter. But Emma exposed Blaster as a cheater because the alleged dick pic happened while Blaster and Crystal are together. And I’m like, wait, what?

Emma did message Crystal about the issue. She told her that she deserves someone who won’t cheat on her. And Crystal, being a girl who was cheated on, was disappointed by what happened. But boi, Blaster and Crystal got back together!

Blaster apologized to Emma after what happened and asked to stop posting screenshots.


Well, okay. The issue was cheating. And personally, cheating is the deal breaker and definitely a red flag in a relationship. It’s not something you can really disregard. You can forgive but you can never forget that kind of mistake.

And I still give props to Blaster for admitting his mistake there. It’s Crystal’s choice to stay and no comment from fans or from some random foreign girl can change that. She made that very clear after deactivating her account.

Fan theory. Or is it?

It was really tough night for the couple, not just for Blaster. And fans were raging all over it. People were fighting over the fact that Blaster cheated and Crystal went back together with him. But boi, the issue took a real hard turn right there.

A very investigative Twitter user, @DNeloGelo posted a Twitter thread that showed a timeline of what went down with Emma and the couple.

The thread showed what might have gone down. But this proves that both parties were to blame. And I can’t keep up with all these revelations!

But anyway, the tea is spilled and there’s no point in arguing though. It was a personal and private issue. Cheating is cheating, yes. But I guess we should respect their privacy (they’ve deactivated their accounts, both Blaster and Crystal). The moral of this story is don’t cheat. Do not cheat. Karma’s gonna bite your cheating ass, one way or another.

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