This whole thing is creepy, to begin with.

Albeit retaining his reputation as one of the biggest Hollywood stars today, Tom Cruise’s name has been involved in many controversies over the course of his career, some of which were founded on the uncanniest reasons. Most recently, the ‘Mission Impossible’ star went viral again. This time, though, it doesn’t have anything to do with an offbeat offscreen behavior or his affiliation to Scientology. This is because of someone else’s doing– to be specific, someone pretending to be him.

It seems like modern technology has found a way to at least get an inch closer to the fanciness of the infamous Mission Impossible masks. While this emerging technology called ‘deepfake‘ cannot be used to sneak into high-security facilities and private jets, it has already proven its ability to deceive an alarming number of people.

A TikTok account that goes by the name deeptomcruise has been making rounds on the internet. The page contains videos of Tom Cruise doing different activities, such as playing golf, narrating a story about his encounter with Mikhail Gorbachev, and the latest, performing a magic trick. As of Tuesday, deeptomcruise has already garnered more than 11 million views on TikTok, and millions on other social media platforms where the videos continue to gain attention.

The clips are all fake, as you may have figured out, but what’s keeping their grip on people’s attention is how impressive they are in copying the famous actor’s look. While there are minor glitches that can immediately get anyone questioning the authenticity of it all, the replica of Tom Cruise in front of the camera looks so realistic, enough to become a cause for concern.

In an age where a video can ruin anyone’s life, the deepfake technology is obviously dangerous, especially with a society we have where misinformation and disinformation are unfortunately thriving. It can be used to defame anyone without the victim ever knowing, considering the fact that it’s a relatively new synthetic medium and the world has yet to adapt and come up with ways to properly regulate its use.

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