“Hindi po ako ang umalis sa ABS-CBN. Tinanggal po ako. Binan po ako.”

In a June 16 vlog posted on Daryl Ong’s Youtube channel, the 33-year-old Filipino singer revealed why he is no longer part of ABS-CBN. The video served as his response to his critics accusing him of taking the recent network shutdown as an opportunity to transfer to another network.

The ‘The Voice PH Season 2’ alumnus claimed that he was banned from appearing on any show in the Kapamilya channel and that this had something to do with a leaked conversation he’d had with his fellow singer Bugoy Drilon about the issue of ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

According to Ong, the conversation had taken place in an airport in Manila as his group BuDaKhel was waiting for their flight to Ilo-ilo for an event. BuDaKhel is composed of Bugoy, Daryl, and Michael “Khel” Pangilinan.


Daryl said that he arrived last at the airport. Bugol and Michael were in a huddle together with two people: a woman who used to work for ABS-CBN and a man he could not recognize.

After the welcoming formalities, Bugoy and Michael started talking about “stocks” when the woman brought up the issue regarding the franchise.

“So sabi niya (the woman), medyo pa-saracastic yung biro niya, ‘Bakit di ka mag-invest sa ABS? Ayan o, bagsak yung presyo nila sa stocks dahil meron silang kinakaharap na krisis.'”

Bugoy then mentioned an online petition on change.org, seeking to collect one million signatures for ABS-CBN franchise renewal. The said petition was started by the National Union Journalists of The Philippines (NUJP) last January.

“Sabi ni Bugoy na, ‘60,000 na lang kulang para mabuo yung one million.'”

“Ako naman, nakita ko rin yun. Ang pagkakakita ko naman, 60,000 pa lang yung nagsa-sign,” Ong added. “Sabi ko kay Bugs, ‘Hindi 60,000 na lang. Sixty thousand pa lang. At anong petsa na?'”

“Tapos, nagdadag ako ng comment, ‘Naku, malabo na ‘yan. mahirap na ‘yan. Kalaban pa man din nila ang gobyerno. Si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban. So, malabo na ‘yan.’

At this point, their conversation about the franchise issue came to an end.

In the video, Daryl then started talking about the other guy with them. He said that he wrongly assumed that he was friends with the other woman at the table. “It turns out, hindi pala niya kilala yung lalaki na yun,” Daryl added. “Yung usapan na yun, nire-record pala nung lalaking katabi namin sa table. Hindi namin alam.”

The convo leaked to a “big boss”

Fast-forward to their post-event celebration in Ilo-Ilo, Daryl said that their road manager suddenly went “panic-mode” and called him and Bugoy. Causing the panic was the phone call they were having with their manager.

As per the manager, their conversation about the ABS-CBN franchise reached a “big boss” in the network. 

Daryl said, “Yung guy na nag-record about sa franchise issue, nagkataon kaibigan pala ng isa sa mga big boss sa ABS-CBN.”

“Apparently, ipinarinig yung recording. At ang dating sa kanila, wala kaming utang na loob. Or parang, pinag-uusapan namin yung franchise issue, and it seems na wala raw kaming concern.”

“And parang, ang dating sa akin personally, ang impression sa kanila, kumakampi kami sa fact na hindi mare-renew yung license.”

Daryl Ong said that they weren’t given a chance to speak for their side. He also added that their team asked for the recording, but they didn’t get it.

“Kasi, tama po ba, illegal wiretapping po ba tawag dun? Hindi rin ako sure kung illegal wiretapping tawag dun,” asked Daryl. He said they weren’t even sure if it was a video or audio recording.

“Wala namang paglipat ng naganap.”

In the later part of the video, Daryl clarified that he was “banned” from the network, debunking some comments he’d been receiving accusing him of taking advantage of the network shutdown. He also highlighted some other comments from netizens, calling him and his group “balimbing,” telling them not to go back to ABS-CBN anymore.

“Nung nabasa ko yung mga ganitong comments, dun ako nagkaroon ng sense of urgency na ikuwento kung anong nangyari.”

The singer ended the video thanking his former home network as well as his supporters for giving him an opportunity as an artist that helped him reach the mainstream music scene.

As of this writing, the ABS-CBN network is yet to speak up regarding this issue.

You can watch Daryl Ong’s full statement below.


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