Confirmed: Mark Sloan was the Latest Character to Return to Grey’s Anatomy

Confirmed: Mark Sloan is the Latest Character to Return in Grey's Anatomy

We cannot help but wonder: is the long-running medical series Grey’s Anatomy finally coming to an end?

#Slexie stans have waited for this for a really long time. Mark Sloan, played by Erik Dane, has returned in Grey’s Anatomy as part of the latest season’s recurring “Limbo Beach” motif. The promo for its latest episode took fans by surprise when it revealed that Lexie was set to reunite with her paternal sister, Meredith Grey, 9 seasons after the character was tragically killed off. While a popular fan theory had already suggested Sloan’s return was inevitable, that did not prepare fans for the twist that was to unfold in the new episode. Apart from the Grey sisters reunion, there’s also the lovers, Lexie and Mark, seeing each other once again and getting their happy ending.

Mark Sloan was introduced in the show on the second season as Derek Shepherd’s ex-best friend crawling back from the past, after the former had an affair with the latter’s wife, Addison. After the two attendings rekindled the friendship, Sloan’s storyline mostly revolved around his sometimes-on-sometimes-off relationship with Lexie Grey. Unfortunately, the lovers departed the show as a result of a plane crash, with Lexie dying first and then Mark two episodes later.

The arrival of the loveteam famously dubbed as Slexie marks the latest return of an OG fan favorite. Meredith’s husband, Derek Shepherd, was the first one to visit the titular protagonist on the beach where her dreams take place as she battles with COVID-19. George O’Malley, another favorite from the original cast who left the show during the season 5 finale, also recently made an appearance.

With all these big reunions happening and old beloved characters finally getting their closure, a lot of fans just can’t help but notice the elephant in the room: is Grey’s Anatomy ending soon? Well, we wouldn’t mind but can they at least bring Christina back, too?

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