Seems like North Korea isn’t the only place Son Ye Jin is landing on.

Son Ye Jin’s agency, MS Team Entertainment officially announced that the Crash Landing On You leading lady is in talks to star in the movie ‘Cross’The news has hyped up her fans enough to trend the phrase “SON YE JIN WORLD DOMINATION” on Twitter.

The Storyline and Roles

The film will be directed by Andrew Niccol whose known works are ‘The Host’, ‘In Time’, and the 1998 blockbuster movie ‘The Truman Show’. Korean media outlet Star News reports that the movie is a Sci-Fi genre set in the future. The backdrop is a multiracial country divided into two nations by a border.

Son Ye Jin is offered to act alongside Sam Worthington who is known for his role in the film ‘Avatar’. If all goes well with productions, Ye Jin will play the role of Vera, a single mother who lives in the impoverished nation near the border. She’s a tough character who raises her son alone after the death of her husband.

Worthington will play a character who lives in the wealthy nation.

Korea as a Filming Location

Andrew Niccol is said to have personally reached out to Son Ye Jin in hopes to cast her in his movie. ‘Cross’ has been in development for over a decade but only recently did Niccol became interested on filming in Korea. The director was inspired by Korea’s status as “the only divided nation in the world” after his visit last year.

Wanting to cast Korean actors, ‘Parasite’ actor Lee Sun Gyun is also offered to join the cast. His role will be an intimidating and powerful chief of border protection. Lee’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment confirms he has received the offer but the actor has yet to come to a decision.

‘Cross’ aims to begin filming in Korea around March 2021.

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