He’s big. He’s red. He’s Cliff. He’s coming to the big screen in 2021!

Paramount Pictures revealed today the official first look at the movie adaptation of Clifford the Big Red Dog. A social media page dedicated to the upcoming movie dropped a short teaser trailer, which pans across a row of increasingly big doggos until it reaches Clifford, the red-colored and largest one of them all.

And this is where the problem starts. I mean, sure, he’s a labrador. He’s huge. His fur is red. But Cliff in the film doesn’t look anything like the Cliff we’ve known. While some would argue that the one we see in the trailer is still a puppy that’s yet to turn into a Godzilla-like creature, the CGI version looks more like someone forcefully covered a real puppy in spraypaint. Or blood.

Hasn’t Hollywood learned its lesson?

We’ve witnessed how people freaked out when the trailer for live-action Aladdin unveiled Will Smith as the whimsical, blue-skinned Genie. The internet was horrified when it saw what Universal Pictures had done with ‘Cats,’ driving them to come up with statements like, “This is what the people in the birdbox saw before they die.” The first-look photos of Sonic The Hedgehog triggered a deluge of memes, because people were creeped out by Sonic’s uncharacteristic teeth.

Unless you don’t wanna be taken seriously, you should really work on first impressions, because they matter. In the case of Clifford, we can only hope the film redeems itself (like what Sonic did) once it hits theaters in November 2021, because we cannot afford to see another childhood memory ruined.

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