We are not gonna stop suggesting things to do during this coronavirus quarantine. It’s the least we can do to help everyone get through this thing without losing our minds.

No matter how logical and critical-minded you claim yourself to be, admit it: we all share an interest in horror stories. Not necessarily narratives about ghost encounters. They’re admittedly cheesy and predictable. But a crime story, a mysterious incident in the past that still fails to have clear answers up to this day: they all make for a nice, cozy storytelling session that can help you ease boredom.


As you lay in bed tonight…

Chances are, you’ve been scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook feeds every night before you sleep. You’ve been getting your daily dose of horror stories from news about the global pandemic– rising death tolls, failures of the national government, etc. But it wouldn’t hurt to listen to other thrilling narratives that are not related to the pandemic, would it?

Stories After Dark is a podcast channel on Spotify that currently comprises of 14 episodes, each one featuring a grime story of murder or mystery. As you start a podcast, the audience will be greeted by the channel’s opening music– a grungy, suspenseful tune made from strings and piano, followed by the narrator’s voice as he introduces you to the story. There’s an eery silence that envelops the entire podcasts, giving a sense of intimacy between the listener and the speaker.

Our favorite episodes

We have listened to each episode and loved all of them. Kudos to this channel. It’s informative and highly entertaining despite the occasional stabs of frights. But if we were to pick our favorites, these two particular stories have given us more hair-raising chills than we’d be comfortable admitting.

The Baguio Massacre


Posted on February 5, 2020, The Baguio Massacre brings us to a heinous crime that took place in Kayang-Hilltop, Baguio City way back 2014. Five people were brutally murdered, four of which were only minors. The suspect is already in jail, but as we listened to the series of events that led to his butchering his poor victim, we couldn’t help but regularly check our surroundings in case he was here with us.

The Ozone Disco Fire (1996)


I hadn’t been born yet when this unfortunate event made headlines, but this story is not foreign territory to me. Growing up, I have been hearing about it from the elderly, or during Halloween when TV stations would go horror-mode.

The most recent episode in the channel, The Ozone Disco Fire (1996) recounted the events that caused hundreds of young people to get burned alive inside the Ozone Disco in Tomas Morato, QC. It also featured the point of views of two survivors, Sherilyn Bruan and Jose Renen Galang as they relayed their first-hand experiences from that tragedy.

Check out their IG

On the description for each episode, the channel has also provided links leading to real photos and footage providing illustrative details of the story. For The Baguio Massacre, check out this IG post published on the channel’s official account.

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