Before the Reputation tour, every Taylor Swift show has a different gimmick, costume changes, stage acts, among other stunts. You’ll see actual portrayal of her narrative songs, and those days were the best compared to her just dancing to her songs now. If you were already a swiftie then, you’d know how amazing and unique she performs.

For a little throwback, here are our top picks of gimmicks in every Taylor Swift show:

When she sang Train’s Drops of Jupiter

Taylor Swift does covers during her shows, and Train’s Drops of Jupiter during her Speak Now tour is one of the bests that she’s ever done. Her voice is a mix of sadness, anger, frustration, and pain, but she looks happy while playing it with her purple dress and guitar. These two artists should do a collab, seriously.

When she got all emotional singing All Too Well

Up to now, All Too Well is still included in every Taylor Swift show, and this one from her 2014 Grammys tops the list for me. This song is already very emotional as it is, so seeing her perform live, as if on the verge of bursting into tears, makes it more heartbreaking.

When she did a mashup of Back to December and Apologize

Her AMA performance in 2010 looked like an apology to her ex Taylor Lautner, to whom Back to December is dedicated to. She did a mashup of her track with One Republic’s Apologize, singing “But then you said it’s too late to apologize”—she sure knows how to do it so well.

When she sang Should’ve Said No in the rain

Another one in her award show—she starts Should’ve Said No in a black hoodie with her guitar, and then she throws her guitar on the side and does a surprising costume change. You’d think that it’s the last gimmick, until she sings in the rain with a different pitch, pouring all the anger to some cheater.

When she dressed up in a ball gown

Taylor sang her classic Love Story song during her Red tour, and just like her past shows, she shows up in a ball gown with dramatic stunts on stage. She also does a costume change from her red ball gown to her white dress—as the song goes, I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress.

When she started singing in the dressing room

Billboard Music Awards presented another cool Taylor Swift show as she sang 22 in her dressing room, singing and dancing as if it’s a real-life musical until she reached the entrance to the stage, where famous dance group Jabbawockeez accompanied her. Just like this lively birthday song, she danced on stage purely having fun.

When she brought Selena Gomez on stage

Taylor is known for showing surprise guests on stage, including Ed Sheeran, Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, and other big artists you could think of. But this one with Selena Gomez is probably one of the bests, especially as Selena gives a short but sweet message towards the end of her Reputation Tour. These two are BFF goals.

Which one’s your favorite show? Comment below!