Bruno Mars Croons Zendaya in ‘Versace on the Floor’ Video

Watch out, Tom Holland! Bruno Mars just seduced your Spider-Man: Homecoming leading lady in his music video for “Versace on the Floor.” This slow R&B jam stars Zendaya and Mars, both aptly dressed in actual Versace.

Purple Prose

The video’s theme might be centered around the color purple, but its prose is nowhere near complicated. They catch a glimpse of each other on the hallway of their apartment and the connection is instant. Upon entering his purple-lit pad, Bruno Mars takes a seat atop a stool. The music kicks in and he begins playing on the black-transparent piano. As he serenades the girl next door, she grooves along and obviously enjoys his crooning.

It closes with a black screen and a knock, but not before the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Zendaya ends up dropping her sparkling Versace down—as you guessed it—on the floor.

Weird or Nah?

Let’s get straight to the point: Mars is 11 years Zendaya’s senior. The uncanny stigma attached to the age gap diminishes as the pair in question becomes older. When you think about this situation, however, Zendaya’s just about to turn 21 and Mars 32.

This seems to be a benign set of conditions for many Hollywood couples though. Some of these couples include Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent who differ 10 years, Beyoncé and Jay-Z with 12 years, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with 11 years. Even in local context, many celebrity couples aren’t ashamed of their age differences e.g. Freddie Aguilar and Jovie Albao with a 44-year gap. Age remains to be a number for these couples but if my own mum found out I was seeing someone 20 years older than me, she’ll (jokingly) blame it on daddy issues.

What’s important is that the two people are of legal age and are of sound mind and body. Yeah, we’re looking at you, R. Kelly. Coming back, the video was beautifully shot and directed, and Zendaya looked absolutely stunning. She’s a modern day goddess, no doubt about that.

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