These are the best filipino comedy movies that kept us sane in 2020

A round-up of the best Filipino comedy movies that helped us maintain sanity in the craziest year of our lifetimes.

From natural disasters to man-made, political shitstorms and triumphs, and the seemingly omnipresent pandemic, this is the year we’ve probably seen it ALL and more. No matter what your disposition is, there’s no doubt you’ll find yourself seeking momentary shelter in the comforts of these best Filipino comedy movies in 2020.

The Best of the Best Filipino Comedy Movies 2020 Edition

1. Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap


Where to watch? Netflix.

Undeniably a personal favorite and probably this year’s new addition to Filipino comedy cult faves. Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap follows the story of Eman, a notorious hold-upper’s son,  teams up with his two friends, Toto and Carlo who fail their every attempt at plotting every heist big and small. This classic Filipino action film-inspired slapstick piece is definitely deserving of the top spot on any contemporary Filipino comedy list.

2. Four Sisters and A Wedding


Where to watch? Netflix.

Always a treat to watch, Four Sisters and A Wedding tells the story of the Salazar sisters coming together for the first time in years for their sole brother’s wedding. Little do they know this small family reunion will unleash years’ worth of family secrets and innermost grudges. More than anything though, this film is equipped with heart-rending and belly-busting scenes familiar to most Filipino families making it a perfect dish served in the shape of the best Filipino comedy movie.

3.Die Beautiful


Where to watch? Netflix.

Although most of the people who have watched this film will probably agree when I say that this movie is more of a drama than a comedy, I’d like to feature this film in this list because they rebranded what “gay” comedy meant for Filipinos.

Die Beautiful is about Trisha, a transgender performer and beauty queen who wants nothing less than to die beautifully. But it’s a whole lot more than just that, it’s her whole journey in between and what it means to be a transgender woman in the traditional Philippines. The happy, the sad, the ugly, and everything in between makes this film more than worth your time.

4.Pinoy Sunday


Where to watch? Netflix.

This is arguably the most underrated best Filipino comedy of all time! Pinoy Sunday is actually a Taiwanese-produced film that stars Bayani Agbayani and Epy Quizon(it’s already funny even if I stop there). The two play overseas Filipino workers in Taipei who spend their Sunday hauling an abandoned red couch around Taipei. Albeit produced and shot in Taiwan, this film is a Filipino comedy movie through and through–you can tell from the mindset of making good use of abandoned furniture alone. 

5.Lola Igna


Where to watch? Netflix.

Lola Igna follows a 118-year-old grandmother “Lola Igna” who wants nothing more than to die just as she’s awarded as the oldest living Filipino. We watch as she gets a change of heart and begins to see the colors of life once more when reconnected with her long lost great-grandson, Tim.

From the plot itself we can gather that this movie is set to tug at our heartstrings, bringing in a new light and a new brand of positivity into our lives. However coupled with a foul-mouthed grandmother from the province encountering Manila millennials for the first time, it’s also bound to leave us in stitches, laughing our hearts out remembering our blunders with our own grandparents.

6. I’m Drunk I Love You


Where to watch? Youtube.

This 2017 film starring Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino was quick to become Filipino romantic-comedy crowd faves upon release. Much of its fame is probably because of the unmatched chemistry the two portrayed on-screen, but I’d like to think it’s because it also showcased the classic Pinoy barkada with their snarky comebacks, always having your back but also always holding your most embarrassing moments above your head like no one else can.

It also sings of a very relatable song of pathetic one-sided romances which we can never seem to get enough of even though we’re not really feeling that pathetic in our single moments. All I know is that someone has to pay that cinematographer more because damn this has got to be one of the best-lit Filipino contemporary movies.

7. Lorna


Where to watch? Youtube.

Lorna is a senior woman on a quest for love. Married once and never again, Lorna’s quest seems to settle sometimes but doesn’t seem to end. The forlorn woman ever in her prime age dancing around the men who romance her tells a story from an angle we’ve never seen before but is always present in our real world–that’s what makes this so interesting. That coupled with a naughty inside-look into her weirdly gun-fight packed imagination of course. A must watch for down-times bound to turn into ‘up-times’.

8. Jowable


Where to watch? Netflix.

Starring Kim Molina, Jowable follows her character, Elsa, an addition to our forlorn Filipinas who’s utterly envious of every single couple, even cockroaches! The grief-stricken and lonely Elsa lashes out at everyone in her life, so consumed about having a boyfriend until one rainy night, her fate changes.

Although the movie’s director has received a lot of criticism throughout the years for lacking versatility and overall taste, I’d like to think this movie is some of his better work and is probably also better than the usual comedies we think of when we envision the Filipino comedy scene. However be warned, this film is rigged with very sexual and borderline offensive language. 

9. Love is Blind


Where to watch? Netflix.

Yet another forlorn Filipino woman takes center stage in this Filipino comedy movie but this one probably takes the crown as the most desperate. Love is Blind is a belly-buster of a Pinoy comedy movie that follows Fe, a hotel staff member who’s done waiting for Mr. Right and decided to get him herself.

Slipping a little love potion into her crush’s drink, she makes him see her as an exceptionally beautiful woman and succeeds in capturing his heart, unaware that her Mr.Right might have been around her all along. The simple plot makes for comedy best enjoyed when you just want to kick back and have a good laugh.

10.ABNKKBSNPLAko? The Movie


Where to watch? Netflix.

This film adaptation of a best-selling book by Bob Ong not only made its way into the popular scene but also made for good modern material on modules of high school kids today. The seemingly undecipherable title is best enjoyed by people who speak the same language, aka every millennial in the Philippines who went through the limited characters-text phase and ingeniously learned to understand the text without consonants to save on load.

Taking the lead is Jericho Rosales’ Bob Ong, during simpler times of his youth in elementary school, of his coming-of-age in high school, and the early years of his work life when a high school reunion set the flashback in motion. Another film appropriate for the times when all you need is a good laugh and a little reminiscing.

What’s your personal list of best Filipino comedy movies in 2020?

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