Glee took their last bow back in 2015. But they surely made their mark and left us with some good renditions of our most beloved pop songs out there!

Glee is one of the shows that truly made a mark when it was first released. It became a show of encouragement for people to express their true selves. I remember watching the show when I was younger and made me want to sing even though I wasn’t good at it. And even though the show is surrounded by issues off cam, we can’t deny the fact that the show has their strong points and is a good TV series. 

Personally, I think that show became a hit because of two things: first is the overall story writing of the show. The show tackled some of the pressing issues of being a teenager. From teenage pregnancies, sexuality, bullying, mental health awareness, and many more are some of the issues that the show was able to talk about. And on top of it all, was to freely express ourselves. I mean a football player who joins the glee club? It’s not something you see every day. The overall story was relatable and let teens like me during those years realize that expressing our truest self is okay no matter what others might say.

The second is of course the music. I mean this is a no-brainer but I mean the music is one of the most awaited parts of the show.  In their 6-season run, the show has given us some of the best versions of pop songs and other genres of course with the touch of Glee. From duets to mashups and ensemble performances, the show has given us some of the memorable renditions of some songs from popular artists in the industry. So today we will be checking out some of the best covers of songs from William McKinley High’s New Direction!

Smooth Criminal


Dream on


Poker Face


Defying gravity

Rumor has it/Someone like you


Umbrella/Singing in the Rain


Thriller/Heads will roll

Don’t stop believin’

Seasons of Love


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What was your favorite Glee cover?

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