What can you do, as one of the biggest bands in this generation, when you’ve hit over 1 million Youtube subscribers? More content!

In celebration of this important milestone in their career, the nine-piece collective has recently announced the launch of their upcoming weekly series, BBTV on July 31. It will feature a variety of content, from themed musical performances, collaborations, to other videos showcasing the more personal and entertaining side of the multi-awarded band. Interestingly, the online series will also include games, competitions, challenges and other forms of entertainment. Well, fans have been asking for more, so Ben&Ben will give them more.

“We’ve been making vlogs that showed our life behind the scenes, but eventually the band and its team came up with the idea,” shares vocalist and guitarist Miguel Benjamin. “Its primary goal is to simply find more ways to connect to people through more varied content.”

Ben&Ben as one household

One of the most exciting aspects of BBTV is that fans will get to have an intimate look inside Ben&Ben’s lives as they live together under one roof. The folk-pop band has revealed their decision to share a house together to make their work easier. “We decided to live together to eliminate or at least greatly lessen the risks involved with working outside,” says Miguel. “We always had the idea of living together in the future to create content and write music, but with the situation now we realized that now was the best time to actually give it a shot.

Paolo Benjamin adds that another reason for their moving in is their sophomore album to be released under Sony Music. It will serve as the follow-up to their platinum-selling debut album, Limasawa Street, which produced generation-defining songs such as “Pagtingin,” “Fall,” “Araw-Araw,” “War,” and more.

“We wanted the process to be as organic and as involved as possible, and we’re so excited to see what we can come up with where distance and time isn’t a hindrance,” confirms Paolo in a statement.

New episodes of BBTV will drop every Wednesday of the week on the Ben&Ben YouTube Channel, starting August 5, 2020.

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