Introducing the newest loveteam that’ll surely make you feel a whole new ~wave~ of kilig, Bela Padilla and Kim Gun-Woo!

Last Feb. 15, Gun-Woo’s agency, Good People Entertainment, confirmed that the Korean actor will be in a movie with Bela titled, ‘Ultimate Oppa’.

This joint project by Viva Film, Reality Entertainment, and Creative Leaders Group Eight will be directed by Hwang In Roo, who’s responsible for widely acclaimed dramas like ‘Princess Hours’, ‘The Return of Iljimae’, and ‘Playful Kiss’.

What is ‘Ultimate Oppa’  about?

And now, the answer you all have been waiting for. Well, it follows the love story of a quirky Filipino fan of the *Korean wave* and a Korean talent manager.

As of writing, Viva also revealed behind-the-scenes photos of Bela and Gun-Woo, currently shooting in South Korea. Other parts of the show will also be shot in the Philippines.

Check them out right here:

[media-credit name=”Viva Artists Agency ” link=”″ align=”alignnone” width=”640″]Bela Padilla Kim Gun Woo[/media-credit]

ICYMI, Kim Gun-Woo first made a name for himself in the 2017 Korean drama na ‘Fight My Way’. Since then he has also starred in several series like ‘Live, Less Than Evil ‘and ‘Catch the Ghost’.

Meanwhile, Bela debuted her most recent film, ‘On Vodka, Beers and Regrets’  with JC Santos and appeared as the adult Ye-sung in the Philippine adaptation of the 2013 South Korean film, ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7′ last December 2019.

[media-credit name=”Viva Films” align=”alignnone” width=”640″]on vodka beers and regrets[/media-credit]

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