Bakwit Boys movie started showing this week, and it’s something you need to catch!

The film is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, and we know, we know. He didn’t fare very well when people started tweeting about 100 Tula Para Kay Stella. But we hope you’d give Bakwit Boys movie a chance, because even though it’s another love story, there’s more to the film than just that. And that’s the part we really love.

This film about family, music, and dreams. We even got to talk to the composer of the movie’s main OST, Ligtas Ka Na. Check out our interview with Ms. Jhaye Cura down below!

This movie is brought by the same studio that brought us Patay Na Si Hesus, T-rex Entertainment. It’s also an official entry to the Pista ng Pilipino 2, so you know it’s gonna be good. #PPP2018

The film is about brothers who had to evacuate to their grandfather’s place in Pampanga. Their home in Divilacan, Isabela was devastated by a super typhoon, and now they’re forced to stay at a place they’re unfamiliar with.

Aside from helping out their grandfather around the house, the boys mostly keep themselves busy with music. Elias (Vance Larena), their eldest, and Sonny (Mackie Empuerto), their youngest sing. Meanwhile middle children Joey (Ryle Santiago) and Philip (Nikko Natividad) play guitar and write songs respectively.

At a town event, the boys decide they’d put their talents to good use, and play for a show for the unfamiliar town. This is where Rose (Devon Seron) discovers them, and asks them about their music.

How will they discover music again with Rose?

Find out more about the film when you see it in a movie house near you! As of writing, the movie is currently showing at the following movie theaters:

  • Cinema ’76 San Juan Cinema 1
  • SM City Fairview Cinema 12
  • SM City Manila Cinema 5
  • SM City North EDSA Cinema 10
  • SM City Sta. Mesa Cinema 10
  • SM Megamall Cinema 5
  • SM Southmall Cinema 5

Composer Jhaye Cura, songwriter Ligtas Ka Na also has some things to say about the film. Here’s the chat we had with her, which, we hope would further inspire you to see the movie.

When did you start songwriting?

Jhaye: okay, let me do the math for that. Haha. I’m 38-years-old now, but I started writing in 1992. It was mostly for fun. In the 2000, I was asked to make jingles and theme songs for some companies and local establishments here in Tarlac and in Manila.

How did you start working for the film?

Jhaye: I’ve known Jason for almost 11 years now. In 2007, he started looking for potential kapampangan artists for kapampangan compilation album. That’s when he ended up watching our (Mernuts) kapampangan renditions of some popular foreign songs.

He messaged me and asked me if I can meet him so he could discuss with me the Rockapampangan Album. And I was super obliged of course, because we share common love for kapampangan culture and heritage. After the Rockapampangan album, we clicked right away. I feel highly motivated, and musical ideas start popping into my mind, even at that beginning stage.

He called me and asked me if I got time. Then he told me about the movie, and asked me if i can make 6 original songs—“Ligtas Ka Na,” “Fiona,” “High On You,” “Patibong,” “Tayong Dalawa,” and “Kung ‘Di Ikaw.”

How was your experience in writing these songs?

Jhaye: Nerve-racking. It took me almost a month to finish all the songs—3 weeks and 2 days to be exact. I was hurried because they already started shooting at that time. So when I finished all the songs I have to meet the team and do a presentation.

[When I presented the songs,] they did not have much emotion on their faces while the songs were playing. I was really nervous.

Well, we now know they obviously loved it. There are 6 whole songs from you on Bakwit’s OST! Can you tell us about your songwriting process?

Jhaye: In my songwriting process, there has to be something emotionally powerful to begin with. I also need to master every character in the movie in order to magnify their emotions through my songs.

[For the movie], Direk sent me a guide for the songs. For example, song one is about the death of a loved one, then he’ll right a sample peg of the song.

Inspiration and motivation are two important keys to songwriting. I have both. Hehe. I can make music purely just by using my imagination.

That’s pure talent! So, how did you like how the song was portrayed in the movie?

Jhaye: Loved it. [Every song] is basically in the story, every character has their own songs to fuel their role in the movie. It’s not a typical musical movie kasi eh.

Having said that, why do you think people should watch Bakwit Boys?

Jhaye: People need to watch Bakwit Boys because first, it’s likhang Pinoy. Second, it’s super relatable, lalo na to those struggling musicians like me.

Relatable sa mga underdogs ng music industry and it teaches us the love for our family, and how to face trials in a positive way. And of course, the songs are super sincere at nakaka-LSS ang sabi ng marami.

Where else can we hear your music?

Jhaye: YouTube forever. Just type, “Mernuts” or “Jhaye Cura” lalabas lahat, pati kalokohan.

We can’t wait to hear more from you, Jhaye!

Aside from being an original Filipino film, the thing we love most about the Bakwit Boys movie is how shows that you can pursue your passion, talents, and dreams no matter your circumstances. And that’s what we believe in—U Do U.