We’ve been disappointed many times but are we still interested? Hell, yeah!

James Cameron has his cunning ways of keeping the hype alive despite the fact that Avatar fans have waited so long for the promised sequel, only to experience occasional let-downs along the way. On Wednesday, producer Jon Landau took to Instagram to share behind-the-scene looks of their film set in New Zealand. That’s right– the production is, ironically, moving forward amidst a global pandemic and here’s the proof.

Landau has posted two photos: one is a wide shot of the film’s “High Camp Bio Lab set on stages in New Zealand,” and the other a photo of James Cameron taking in the grand design of the said lab. “Jim studying the set before filming. A salute to the Kiwi crew for their attention to the artistry of their crafts,” writes Landau.

James Cameron, a renowned filmmaker known for his works Titanic and the Terminator films, had taken off to work on a sequel to ‘Avatar’ since 2010, just a year after the Oscar-winning film the big screens. But we know what happened: it took too many delays until fans could no longer bring themselves to caring about it. Well, that’s most probably because we were sure it wasn’t gonna happen anymore. Now, a decade later, pieces of evidence that they’re making progress have been presented to us. 

What’s more, they are not only working on one sequel– they’re making two! Avatar 2 and 3 are reportedly being filmed back to back, scheduled to launch in 2022 and 2024, respectively. Shooting for these sequels began in 2019 in New Zealand, but was interrupted by the global pandemic. James also has plans to create 4 and 5 for 2026 and 2028, but come on, let’s not go that far.

Avatar 2 was inititally scheduled for release in 2021. Now it is set to come out on theaters on Dec. 16, 2022. We understand, though, if you’re taking this new “release date” with a grain of salt for self-protection purposes.

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