Heads-up cinephiles! Hong Kong art house director, Wong Kar-Wai, master of romantic longing, has reportedly written a sequel to his 1994 masterpiece, ‘Chungking Express’.


Just a brief background for those who still hasn’t seen it, ‘Chungking Express’ is the story of two Hong Kong cops both dealing with heartbreak. Cop 223 attempts to get though a split that he though was a joke, then gets love struck by a drug dealer with a blonde wig. In the meantime, Cop 663 attempt to get over his ex-flight attendant girlfriend and draws the attention of the girl from the restaurant he goes to.

Chungking Express 2020

Although much of the project remain a mystery, news (via Reddit) about a project with the working title Chunking Express 2020 has been approved for further development and production by the China Film Administration back in April.

A brief, but somewhat cryptic plot description was shown in the filing:

“In ’90s Hong Kong, broken-hearted Policeman 223 encounters a blonde female assassin, and they spend a short time together overnight. Policeman 663, who also is getting over heartbreak, sees his life gradually changed by the intrusions of the ‘person of his dreams.’ In 2036, young Xiao Qian and May are unwilling to be held back by genetic partnerings, and insist on finding their own ‘destiny’.”

This news comes with the 4K restoration of Wong’s works, highlighting the 20th anniversary edition of “In the Mood for Love’. He is also working on two projects this year, which includes the adaptation of Jin Yucheng’s novel “Blossoms”, and filming a TV series starring Hu Ge.

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