After teasing and taunting and provoking each other, the fun must come to an end.

As fans of SB19 ourselves, our file storage is, well, 30% content for the boys (or higher). We’ve got event photos, dance videos, interviews, set cards. One day, we decided to share some of them with A’TIN, but for the sake of laughs, we made them do a dare first.


As the engagement went up, the post was also quickly turning into a healthy exchange of taunts.

Quite expectedly, A’TIN came raging in waves, giving the post a lot more than what it asked. So they got their prize.


But… we had something more in store for our beloved A’TIN. Plus, we liked the fun, so taunted back with another offer.


We won!

It’s probably too early to tell, but yeah, we gotcha this time! Still, to show how we love SB19 and their A’TIN, we aren’t gonna let you walk away disappointed. After all, we’ve been together since the early phases of the boys’ career. So… congratulations! You’re still gonna get the prize! Presenting: SB19’s full interview at UP Fair Hiwaga.


What are you looking forward to from SB19?

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