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Who would have thought, you could actually spend your summer vacation inside your house? I have been alive for 22 years and I have always associated summer with beaches and doing fun stuff under the sun. Never did it once occur to me that you could actually go on a great summer adventure… within the walls of your house, under the rusty roof and webby ceiling that none of your family members bothered dusting off.

So I did, out of sheer curiosity. I planned, packed my stuff, and told my family that I was about to chase after an experience I never had before. They didn’t particularly give their permission. They only looked at me like I was acting strangely or something. But I understood their confusion.

Then off I went, from my messy room and into the doorway that would lead to the great, big adventure of a lifetime.

The first destination: Sala

Taking that first step can be terrifying. You’ll be having second thoughts about doing it. What awaits me on the other side? Going into the unknown is always scary. But once you overcome that jittery part, you’ll realize that it’s not that bad.

I was greeted by a black leather couch. Beside it sat a coffee table made of glass and metal. I sat down. The feeling was pleasantly familiar like I had felt it before but I don’t know when and where. Blue-painted walls surrounded me, providing a wonderful view. On the table was a pair of black devices, one had so many buttons while the other one was something called Mahiwagang Black Box. Curiosity got me putting a finger on the devices, and soon I found myself staring up at a 50-inch LED TV that showed creatures doing things in an exaggerated manner. I wasted a few moments of my life watching girls apply pinkish goo on their hair which made them ecstatic for some weird reason.

I wasn’t alone in the area. Occasionally, I would cross paths with people who bore a striking resemblance to me. Hours later, one lovely woman in her mid-forties walked up to me and told me it was lunchtime. I thought that was such a kind gesture.

The second destination: Kusina

With the woman leading the way, we transferred to a place with a big round table surrounded by chairs. There was a lot of food. We sat around the table and talked for a bit while the food was being served. Also eating with us was the woman’s husband and her two children. It was a fun and fulfilling moment, getting to spend time with a bunch of locals over cooked rice, Tinolang Manok, and sliced fruits. After thirty minutes, I excused myself out.

The third destination: C.R.

Adjacent to the Kusina was a place significantly smaller than my previous destinations. It was a four-walled room with a tiled floor, a turnable device that sends out cold water, and a white, round vessel that is similar to a chair but with a hole underneath and stored water at the bottom (which magically doesn’t get sucked into the hole). My stay in that place was shorter because aside from playing in the water and dumping my body wasted into the white vessel, there wasn’t anything else to do.

Last destination: Kwarto

The trip was shorter than I’d expected. I spent the rest of the day interacting with the locals as I went back and forth between the Sala and the Kusina. When I didn’t have much to do anymore, I looked for some accommodation. Not far from the comfort room, I found a small room with a small bed and a cabinet. Overall, the place could use some cleaning up, and it smelled of unwashed socks, but it’s not like I had other choices. I settled down on the cushion and finally called it a day.

Here’s a quick itinerary of my AROUND THE HOUSE ADVENTURE:

Day 1

07:00 AM- Preparation

07: 10 AM- Travel

07:10:01: Arrival at Sala

12:00 NN: Lunch at Kusina

12:30 PM: Refresh in the comfort room

1:00 PM onwards: You can do anything you desire. Just make sure you don’t mess with the locals

10:00 PM: Bedtime

As per the budget, you can actually reduce your expenses into as low as P0.00. That’s if you know how to budget properly.

Optional activities:

  • Sweeping the floor

  • Washing the dishes

  • Doing laundry

Have you gone to a house adventure yet?

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