Antoinette Jadaone’s ‘Fan Girl’ is premiering at the 33rd Tokyo Int’l Film Festival

Popular for her movies like “That Thing Called Tadhana” and “Love You to the Stars and Back”, Antoinette Jadaone is once again serving us one of her masterpieces with “Fan Girl”.

The said movie is one of the films to premiere in this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival under it’s new section Tokyo Premier 2020 which is a combination of the festival’s main section competition, Asian Future and Japanese Cinema.

‘Fan Girl’, which stars Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon, is the only Filipino film in the selected entries this year.

Life of a fan girl

Do you remember those times when every one of us made a separate social media account just to be able to express our love and support to our idols? Apart from posting our sentiments and support, we even go beyond stalking their profiles every single day, copy every piece of clothing they wear, try to locate where they are, and even sending them long messages we know they won’t be able to read but still send them anyway.

That is the gist of what the story of ‘Fan Girl’ is. Charlie Dizons’s character finds herself inside a mansion with her idol she thought she knew, and discover precisely why they say never meet your idol.

In an Instagram post, Dizon shared how she felt about her first movie project and the experience that came with it.

See her sentiments below!

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