Jintai’s home in the series was originally inspired from this house

Upon greeting February, we are already faced with a tragic incident. On Saturday, a video of a house in Chichibu, Saitama engulfed in flames went viral. And sad to say, it’s the real-life version of Jintan’s house in Anohana that has just burned down.

According to a Twitter user named @sakurayuji1 the remains of the house were finally extinguished later that night. Luckily, as of reporting, there’s been no mention of casualties in the blaze.

More than a house situated in Chichibu…

If you’re a fan of Anohana, the ending was undoubtedly a tearjerker. But what’s even more heartbreaking is once you know the real story behind the real-life house.

For those who are unaware, Anohana’s author Mari Okada had a troubling childhood. But she used writing to help cope with her unsaid and repressed feelings. That’s why the production team for Anohana decided to use Chichibu, her hometown, as the setting for the series because it was more “personal”. Even more, they used her house as a child as a reference to Jintan’s house in the animated series.

Jintan’s house in Anohana

AnoHana house burns

Aftermath of Okada’s home caught in the fire

Anohana house burns

Twitter via @sakurayuji

Although her younger days were filled with not so great memories, embracing the fact that the house you grew up in got destroyed is still hard to take.

How do you feel about the real-life version of Jintan’s house in AnoHana getting destroyed in the fire? And did you also know it’s Mari Okada’s childhood home?

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