To have multi-awarded actors Yoo Ah-In and Park Shin-Hye on board and not make a good film out of it? Oof.

#Alive was a much-awaited South Korean zombie flick released just this September 8 and honestly–it really didn’t quite live up to the hype.

It stars Yoo Ah-In as Oh Joon-woo, a young, laid-back gamer who strives to stay alive amidst a city ravaged by zombies. Digitally disconnected from the outside world while in lockdown, Joon-woo is desperate for signs of other humans when he meets Park Shin-Hye’s character, Kim Yoo-bin. Kim Yoo-bin is another survivor who spots Joon-woo’s final attempts at redemption from her apartment building just across Joon-woo’s.

Running out of their personal supplies, the two try their luck by slashing their way through the hordes of zombies and towards the safest spot in the complex. Together, they face multiple scream-worthy obstacles that make your heart drop on a roller-coaster ride throughout the entire hour and a half of the film’s entirety.

An Honest Review of #Alive

It’s not great. It’s not that bad either. It just lacks that standard that was sort of set for SK zombie flicks (or global zombie flicks in general) by none other than the critically-acclaimed Train to Busan (2016).

It was really hyped up, with great actors, a stunning and visually-compelling trailer, that poster that seems to already make your heartbeat right out of your chest. It was making all the right moves up until the film itself.

Needless to say, multi-awarded actors Yoo Ah-In and Park Shin-Hye did make the movie so much more palatable with their expectedly stellar acting. We’re even gifted with another side to Yoo Ah-In, playing a character that’s not charismatic or sinister which are his usual roles.

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#Alive did introduce a fresh concept, though. It’s not as grandiose as its other counterparts so it is more intimate and personal, and that alone makes it an overall original in the often cliched and overly exaggerated zombie genre.

Again, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. I think it was just really bland for a genre that’s so easy to spice up. I was just hoping for something more which it failed to give. So, from a thriller fan to other thriller fans out there; Do I recommend you try to watch #Alive? Maybe if you’re confident about giving it an hour and a half of your life without regret, I guess.

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