“We all have the capability to uplift each other up.” 

As the world remains on pause, we cannot deny the fact that slowly, we’re all getting used to this new and strange normal routine.

‘The new normal’ may feel a little bit weird and the loneliness factor of the isolation may be unnerving. On top of this — the continued threats of COVID-19, and the increasing number of people battling with anxiety and other mental health struggles, it seems like we are in way over our heads. So far, with different initiatives online we are still managing to live day by day, which is something to be thankful for.

So, how do we continue coping up? Fortunately, due to social media as a really unique platform we can remain connected with each other; we can somehow ease each other’s loneliness and help one another survive this difficult time.

And recently UDOU along with Joyce Pring has created a challenge aimed at encouraging an overall wellness. One of the selected few entries and a really outstanding one at that comes from our friends at Lost in the Phillipines who posted their Dance Tutorial Video of #AloneTogetherChallenge on their Facebook page! Feel free to watch it below.

At this point, we are encouraged to somehow express ourselves through this simple routine.  We see how really easy everyone can showcase their moves when it comes to this kind of challenge.

If you’re not comfortable dancing alone, why not be a bit more extra by tagging your siblings to dance along with you!

Both Edward Broomfield and Matthew Steley of Lost in the Philippines has shown quite a fun and light BTS of them while learning the steps of the ‘Alone Together’. A true example of why we should all join in and have some fun too!

“Join us in fighting not only the virus, but the invisible mental war many of us are facing. Let’s all dance and celebrate. We may be alone, but we’re alone together!” a statement on their post.

Move With Purpose

Last week,  the #AloneTogetherChallenge was released.

As a mental health advocate herself, Joyce Pring has been active in spreading awareness on mental health matters, mostly regarding this global pandemic crisis.

By joining this challenge, you can help your struggling fellow Filipinos as all proceeds from the music video will go to COVID-19 response efforts  one of the specific foundations being World Vision.

So, how?

Record a video of yourself singing, dancing or even just interacting with the song Alone Together. Then, submit the video through this site, fill-up the necessary form, and upload the same video on your social media. Don’t miss the chance to appear in the music video of Joyce Pring!

Even when we’re physically apart, let’s brush off anxiety and celebrate the new life with this little project. Let’s dance, sing, and move alone, together!

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Are you ready to take part in #AloneTogetherChallenge?

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