Alex Gonzaga and Matthaios trend on Twitter today, June 11, after throwing shade at one another in a rap battle.

It began when the ‘Catriona‘ hitmaker made a negative comment on Alex G’s latest song ‘Amfee‘.

“Ewan ko na lang ah, pero I just heard yung song na “AMFEE” and I think she was facing the mirror nung kinakanta niya ‘yon. Lol, jk!” Matthaios said in a tweet. ‘Amfee’ is Alex Gonzaga’s parodic take on Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings, and the song is supposedly an attack towards the act of being a pretentious ‘feeler’ on social media.


Alex strikes back

A day after Matthaios made the tweet, Alex Gonzaga responded– in the form of bars.

“Uh, ako si Alex G. The best sa country

Di ako nagpe-pretend ‘coz I’m the real freakin’ deal

May mga pa-conyo ‘Yes, sir! Yes, sir!’

Oy, Matthaios, wag ako

Talo ng jeje ang conyo”

At this point, the exchange between the two personalities was gaining attention, as the Twitter audience started taking sides, adding gasoline to the fire. Of course, Matthaios also fired shots– releasing his own rap video in response to Alex G’s.

“Hold up wait, sino ka nga ulit?

‘Yung chambe mo nga di naman malupit

Bakit ba sa tingin mo ay ikaw ang mas angat

Eh sa vlogs ka lang naman kasi talaga sikat

So girl, just sit down

And put on your makeup”

Knowing Alex Gonzaga’s fiery personality, she wouldn’t let the guy have the last laugh. In another video, Alex started off saying, “Hoy, ikaw ngang bata ka makinig ka ha,” before she launched her next missiles.

“Una sa lahat, sa nagawa mo nang kanta

Ikaw ba ay nagbayad na kay Catriona?

Ikaw kasi gumamit, sa sikat ika’y sumabit

Ang tawag nga sa’yo Mr. Universe na pangit

At least ako sa Chambe, alam ito ni Sevi

Approve pa nga ni Toni”

What does Twitter say about this?

While the online rap battle has garnered a variety of reactions– from being amused by the exchange to being annoyed by the fact that there’s another celebrity feud making rounds on social media, people on Twitter mostly sided with Alex. Some of them pointed out how out-of-character Matthaios’ tweet was considering the fact that his song ‘Catriona’ was intended to promote women empowerment. In fact, a #MatthaiosIsOverParty has already began.


However, while more and more netizens join in the commotion, a tweet from Alex Gonzaga encouraging everyone to chill out as things had been settled between her and Matthaios made them question the authenticity of the whole thing. Some are now speculating as to whether the fight was real, or just a show to promote an upcoming collaboration between the two.

What do you think about this Alex-Matthaios issue? Scripted or not?

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