We’re in for a “Hubie Halloween” treat by Netflix.

Adam Sandler returns to make sure our Halloween is well-spent while in quarantine as he stars in an all-new hilarious family film on Netflix.

In “Hubie Halloween,” Sandler plays the role of Hubie DuBois, a kindhearted dopey man who spends every Halloween making sure his town of Salem celebrates the holiday safely. A problem arises when DuBois finds himself caught up in a murder investigation during one Halloween night after his neighbors start disappearing. It’s up to him now to convince his townsfolks, who don’t take him and his unorthodox obsession with Halloween seriously, that the monsters are real and only he can help save them.

In the film, Kevin James and SNL’s Kenan Thompson co-star as Salem’s police officers who are fed up with DuBois clownery. The star-studded cast also includes  Julie Bowen, Ray Liotta, Noah Schnapp, Steve Buscemi, and Maya Rudolph.

Is this Adam Sandler’s promised bad movie?

After losing an Oscars for his Oscar-worthy portrayal of Howard Ratner in A24’s adrenaline-filled thriller, ‘Uncut Gems,’ Adam Sandler jokingly threatened that he’d make his next movie purposely bad. Although Sandler is notorious for starring in films that are rich in fart jokes, he was critically praised for his outstanding performance in Uncut Gems. As many critics put it, it was Sandler’s best work to date.

Hmm, we’re hoping ‘Hubie Halloween’ is not the bad film in question, because it does look awesome in the trailer. Plus, this year has been a pretty tough time for everyone and we all could use some feel-good Adam Sandler movie which we honestly miss– whether you were a fan of his fart jokes or not.

‘Hubie Halloween’ becomes available for streaming on Netflix on October 7. Watch the trailer below!


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What do you think about the trailer for Hubie Halloween?

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