A Zoom-Based Horror Film Has Been Released And It’s Impressively Scary

We just got proof that the Desktop horror subgenre is not necessarily bad. 

‘Unfriended’ introduced us to the genre. While it’s not the best unconventional horror flick we’ve seen, the fact that the events happened in a group video chat setting piqued the curiosity of many viewers, making the title immensely popular despite being downright terrible.

Titled ‘Host,’ this newly launched British film follows a group of six friends who try to contact spirits through a Zoom meeting. But when the medium they’ve hired suddenly loses internet connection, things start to go downhill, forcing each of them to fight for their own survival.

‘new normal’ masterpiece

A bunch of youngsters connecting with the dead is a cliched premise. We’ve seen it happen many times before. However, this may be the first time we’re seeing a film with that plot but while reflecting the realities of our pandemic-stricken world. This could even be one of the first horror films finished while in lockdown. Yep, it was revealed that the entire film was filmed in accordance with social distancing restrictions. The film direction happened over Zoom and most actors performed and shot themselves in their respective homes.

Surprisingly, ‘Host’ has been receiving positive feedbacks. We’re not being charitable here for the sake of, well, being nice. It garnered a whopping 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and even outscored Paranormal Activity on IMDb.

One Youtube user said, “This is beyond good, I think it’s the best horror movie since Hereditary.” Another one said, “Without a doubt #Host is the best piece of art to come out of the pandemic.”

Watching Host on @Shudder_UK for the 2nd time. I genuinely think this should get an Oscar nomination for best picture for this year. A perfect 2020 film and proper scary,” stated another impressed viewer. In an age where viewers are pickier than ever when it comes to horror movies, these comments just speak volumes. I mean, come on, hearing someone compare it to Hereditary implies that it could be on the way to being a modern classic.

‘Host’ is directed by Rob Savage– who claims that he has never set foot in any production– and available for streaming only on Shudder. Watch the trailer below!

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