To be fair, I don’t know what to feel in a lot of life situations because I’m dead inside. Half-kidding!

Anyway, it’s true: the classic Cartoon Network animated series that used to bring some thrill into my weekend as an elementary dead kid is being turned into a live-action show. The project is currently under development at The CW, a TV Network in the US, and is spearheaded by Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning screenwriter for Juno, and Veronica Mars writer Heather Regnier.

If the live-action remake were to try its best to retain the adorable freakiness of the OG Powerpuff Girls, I wouldn’t be batting an eye. However, according to the plot synopsis reported by various outlets, the remake will see the trio of pint-sized girls struggling to navigate through life as twenty-something-year-olds, after having spent the majority of their childhood fighting crime and saving the world, which is honestly kind of a messed up thing for kids to have to go through. Now, as a bunch of disillusioned adults, evil things are back and the people of Townsville are calling for their help again. Will they be up to the challenge? Based on my personal experience, I would understand if not. But since it’s a superhero series, we can expect to see the girls repressing their issues to serve society. Very millennial.

A quick recap

In case you’ve already lost in touch with your colorful childhood, the original Powerpuff Girls follows kindergarteners Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as they fight off villains trying to mess with their town. The three sisters got their superpowers when their father, Professor Utonium, accidentally added Chemical X to a “sugar, spice, and everything nice” mixture.  Premiering in 1998, the show ran for 6 seasons and 78 episodes and ended in 2005.

No other major details about the casting and the release date have been published, yet. If in this millennialised series, Bubbles turns out to be bisexual and Mojo-Mojo a part-time villain and part-time Twitter woke, we’ll have to find that out.

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