Heed the call of the Unsolved! The show needs all hands on deck once again for a new set of six cold cases in Unsolved Mysteries Season 2.

The 2020 Netflix spinoff of the famous American 80s docu-drama with the same name is coming back bigger than ever with Unsolved Mysteries Season 2.

The first volume of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries was released early this year following the same format of the famous Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack. Every episode features a cold case with documented interviews and cinematic reenactments that just make the hair-raising real-life tales of terror all the more horrifying.

Netflix just released their first official teaser to the docuseries’ second volume set to come out as early as October 19!


This season seems packed with spine-chilling cases on a more global scale from its primarily American roots. Locations span from west to the east with tales set in Oslo, Norway, and Ishinomaki Japan.

We not only get a sneak peek of what’s to come in the next season but the titles of all six episodes as well: Stolen Kids, Lady in the Lake, Washington Insider Murder, Tsunami Spirits, and Death Row Fugitive.

Staying true to the 1987-released original Unsolved Mysteries (which unfortunately ended in 2010), viewers of the show are highly encouraged to provide tips to the show’s producers via the Unsolved Mysteries website in an attempt to crack the cases which, as of writing, all remain unsolved.

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