We’ve seen a lot of famous people dance on stage in front of thousands of audiences, and we know that some of them are better off doing something else. But there are also celebrities who were just born to own the dancefloor.

Some of them were already a total package of looks, personality, and dancing skills when they became famous. Some of them have just recently introduced dancing as a side hobby when they’re not on screen. Here are 5 Filipino celebrities who are as notably great on the dancefloor as they are in front of the camera.

AC Bonifacio

You might have first met her as the other half of ‘Lucky Aces’, the dancing duo crowned as the grand champion of Filipino TV competition Dance Kids. Since then, she became one of the young rising stars in ABS-CBN as a dancer, host, and actress. But before joining the competition, the duo had already been featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show. They also got to perform at an Ariana Grande concert in 2015.


Riva Quenery

From a Star Magic performer, to a member of GirlTrends, and now to an internet personality best known for her dance covers, Riva Quenery is nothing short of talented.


Awra Briguela

McNeal Briguela, more popularly known for his stage name Awra Briguela, kicked off his career as an actor and comedian. But little did anyone know that he would grow up to be a multi-talented star. In fact, he emerged as the grand champion in the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids, a TV talent competition where a select group of young stars would impersonate a music artist on stage. This was already a testament to what Awra can do when it comes to singing, dancing, and performing.


Rayver and Rodjun Cruz

The Cruz brothers have always been eye candies when they’re flaunting their moves on stage. And even now that more and more dancers have emerged thanks to the rise of different video-sharing platforms on the internet, Rayver and Rodjun have still maintained their position as two of the OG kings of the dancefloor.


Yassi Pressman

Even though her stint in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Alyana Arevalo is what many would consider as her biggest career break so far, this Filipina-British star has always been known as a power dancer who can effortlessly conquer the stage. Besides acting, Yassi Pressman regularly appears on ASAP, setting the stage ablaze with her fiery performances.


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