Filipino people love movies, and they have a succint love for the action movies as well. Phillipines action movies have a different taste and texture as compared to the Westerns. They are more emotional, and the action sequences are much more intricate than a movie from Hollywood. Filipino movies have some great martial arts sequences that set them apart from the Hollywood movies.

Here’s a list of the top Best Action Movies in Phillipines

  • On the Job (2013)

On the Job is a 2013 Filipino action movie. The movie is one of the few neo-noir movies in Phillipines and has a interesting story line. Two hitmen are temporarily released from prison to carry out political killings. At the same time, two policemen in the city are trying to clean it up of all the drugs and crime. Of course, the four meet in the course of their projects and hell freezes over. The movie has several glorified violence scenes and became popular for its neo-noir dialogue. It stars Gerald Anderson, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez, Angel Aquino and others.  On the Job was screened at several Film Festivals, including Cannes. There’s a sequel in the works as well.

The Janitor (2014)

The Janitor is a 2014 movie that takes its inspiration from the real life bank heist that happened in 2011, the Mabuhay Bank Heist. The movie is not just an action thriller, it is also a ‘journey’ and a ‘police procedural’, which has a lone policeman investigating and unraveling truths that have been hidden for years and are yet for all to see. Michael Tuviera directs this action-fest that stars Dennis Trillo, Richard Davao, Dante Rivero and others.  Because of the premise, the movie sets up several chase sequences, sudden gunfights and bullets flying one way and the other.

More Popular Phillipines Movies

  • Boy Golden (2013)

And if you thought its only Hollywood that takes inspiration from real life crimes and criminals, take a look at Boy Golden. Boy Golden tells the story of Arturo Porcuna, the gangster who rose to fame until he was shot down sometime in 1967.  Series based on true crime are grisly and bloody, and Boy Golden doesn’t disappoint. Chito Runo brings this bloody but interesting story to the big screen.

  • 10000 Hours

10000 Hours is a searing study of the political climate in Philllipines. The movie takes inspiration from the real life account of the Senator Panfilo Lacson and his escape in 2000 from Phillipines. Along with being an actioner, 10000 Hours is  a fantastic emotional ride as well.

  • Kinatay

Kinatay is a movie with a unique premise. A young man, who is love, takes up a job for $2000, only to find out that the job involves killing a woman. Brilliante Mendoza directs this movie, which stars Coco Martin, Maria Isabel Lopez and others.

These are the top five Filipino action movies in recent times. Think we missed out on some? Want in on more lists like these? Make sure that you bookmark And, don’t forget to tell us in the comments list what you think of the article.