We stan feisty leading ladies!

We have had our fair share of leading ladies in K-drama land we adored to bits. Characters like Deok-sun in ‘Reply 1988‘ that had us laughing in stitches, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon‘ who was utterly adorable, and many more heroines that had us smitten. But from all the female leads we’ve watched till now, no one stood out more than these confidently empowering women!

A strong persona armed with wit and poise that flaunts bossy like attitude we secretly hope to exhibit. That being said, here are three female leads in K-drama who would slap you in the face and you’ll thank them for it.


Hotel del Luna’s Jang Man-wol

IU’s character in Hotel del Luna has received much love from the audience.  The materialistic and snobby owner of the hotel for the dead is nowhere near your typical K-drama heroine. Jang Man-wol’s greed for money, cold attitude, and selfish tendencies is the perfect reason to hate her character but somehow you just can’t. Deep within her frosty persona lies a tired and cursed soul that only wants peace. At the end, you can’t help but root for Man-wol to finally let go of her grudges. And girl, we can’t get enough with her style per episode! 

Crash Landing on You’s Yoon Se-ri

Who didn’t hate Yoon Se-ri’s family for neglecting to give her the love she deserves? It’s understandable how she learned to put up a mask and grew to become strong and independent. What’s more, Son Ye-jin did a wonderful job in breathing life into her character. From portraying a sassy heiress to enticing us to listen with her pain at the same time were just a proof of her prowess in acting. Ye-jin definitely deserves to showcase her talent to an even bigger audience. (Read more:CLOY’s Son Ye Jin is making her Hollywood debut)

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’s Go Mun-yeong

And finally, the newest heroine in K-drama that made us all fell in love with her reasonable insanity. Go Mun-yeong is a character that suffers from antisocial personality disorder. Because of this, she’s rudely upfront, selfish, and most of the time, overbearing. Seo Ye-ji fits Mun-yeong like a glove and portrays her with such emotion that no matter how awful her actions are, you’ll be reminded of her mental illness. She’s tough and full of determination, sometimes too much, but you can’t help but find her endearing.

There’s a lot these 3 characters have in common. They’re all feisty leading ladies that bear emotional traumas. Behind the glitz and glamour of their stunning outfits lies a person who only wants to be cherished.

To tell you, Man-wol and Se-ri have attained their happy endings, let’s hope Mun-yeong gets hers soon!


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Who’s your favorite daring K-drama heroine?

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