The widely beloved BrightWin will be back… in a movie!

Fans of the mega-popular Thai BL series “2gether: The Series” are rejoicing after GGMTV announced that there will be a sequel in the form of a full-length film. The announcement confirmed the speculations circulating around the internet that Win Metawin and Bright Vachirawit would return to reprise their roles as Tine and Sarawat in a movie.

A teaser trailer was dropped on March 22, which provides a quick recap of some of the most memorable moments from the original series and also a glimpse of how the budding romance between the two lovers will continue once the movie hits the big screen on April 22, 2021. Watch the trailer below!


Based on a 2019 BL ( Boys Love) novel by JittiRain, 2gether: The Series follows the story of two college guys, Tine Teepakorn (Win Metawin) and Sarawat Guntithanon (Bright Vachirawit), as they fake a relationship only to find themselves eventually falling for each other. The series, available on YouTube garnered millions of views, with its pilot episode alone viewed more than 10 million times. It was definitely a worldwide hit, with a massive following from all over the planet most of which came from Southeast Asia.

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