Yes, Everything is Canceled But Not Our Hopes!

Unpopular opinion but since the pandemic began feeding us with anxiety and fear, we almost forgot to have hope. And it really costs nothing, right?

Seeing all of the bad news on our television and the endless rants in social media, we cannot deny the fact that anxiety is slowly creeping in our minds. There were saddening news about several countries with large infected people as we wake up and even at night, the crisis’ updates tuck us in our beds.

We may be playing our games and binge watching all night but the truth is we’re simply terrified with everything that’s happening this year. And there’s this funny thought that lingers in our minds: Can we just reset 2020?


However, we are not in control of anything. But to tell you, we could always look through a different perspective and think of the silver lining.

Yes, you can pause on reality

Perhaps, instead of embracing fears and all the things that uncertainty can bring us, just think of how the quarantine days can give us the rest that we’d been wanting every time we abuse ourselves in our works. Answered prayer, right? But unfortunately with a threat in our health. That’s why we should focus also on taking care of ourselves.

More so, we can also think of how we can help those people who are in need. Instead of spending our time ranting about our opinions on our Facebook and Twitter, we could plan ways and think of how can we uplift each other. If Italy can sing amidst their increasing death tolls because of this freaking virus, what can we do to make others worry-free?

See, while millions of people who have been infected by the virus are sobering and while we are in isolation, we can still do something as we wait for better days.

Having high hopes requires no fee!

Some of us already close our minds regarding with great faith but there’s nothing to lose if we try to have some faith, right? This might sound cliche for y’all every time you heard some people say to you to ‘Have some faith‘. To tell you, change is really inevitable and while everything is changing we can expect for the worst things to happen in our lives.

But throughout those good or bad changes and circumstances, know that there’s Someone who got our backs. And we can anchor our hopes to what is certain instead of letting ourselves be blanketed by our anxieties. In line with that, we may lose our faith because of unexpected situations in our lives. But we can always go back with an assurance that at the end of the day, everything’s gonna be alright.


Just imagine a city on a hill and its light is shining all over and all you can do is to stare because of its beauty. Know that we can be like that too during this awful pandemic crisis. We can shed some light on others and let’s lift each other up with the hope that this Pandemic crisis will end soon!

We really can’t wait to hear that, right? Let’s hope for the best and fight this battle with a good faith!

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