It all happened too quickly. She just started uploading videos of her greeting people with, “Hello, everything! Are you feeling right now?” And then everything went boom!

Jeric Camata is now very popularly known as Ms. Everything.

Before everything

A local in Calbayog, Samar, Jeric Camara has never been but a simple person residing by the ocean. You could see in his videos the simplicity of the life he leads. Most of his content was set in a rural area, sometimes by the sea, sometimes in a house surrounded by a thick group of bushes and trees.

In an interview with, he went into detail about who he is behind the camera. “Kasi ‘yung buhay namin dito, simple lahat, tapos ako naman po, kumakanta ako sa mga room, tapos binibigyan nila ako ng pera, ganon, pambaon ko,” he said. he disclosed that through singing, he gets to aid his family financially.

And then that one video happened– the one with him wearing a yellow gown, the one that began with him cheerfully yelling out, “Hi, everything! How are you to find out?”


A natural comedian

With his simplicity, authenticity, and effortless attempts to be funny, people instantly took interest in Ms. Everything. His main selling point– the way he struggles to speak in English as he makes commentaries on random stuff like crabs and bulldozer truck– is what keeps people looking forward to his videos. For a regular audience, it’s hard to make sense of what he’s saying. He used the phrase the most functional movement to thank people who greeted him on his birthday. Go check out how Ms. Everything redefined the term insurance.

“Well, for me, insurance is the most functionable financial thing that saves the world.” – Ms. Everything, 2020

An internet celebrity


With his God-given gift to relieve stress, Ms. Everything has been getting support from friends and other people who appreciate his talent. They are the ones assisting him when he’s creating videos. They’ve helped him put up his own Youtube channel called Ms. Everything Vlogs. As of this writing, the channel has over 192k subscribers.


The most functional movement to entertain

In these trying times, it lessens the burden in us when we get to see Ms. Everything and other creative and talented people on the internet providing us with distractions from the anxieties brought by the global pandemic. If you find yourself too overwhelmed by all this pandemic drama, don’t hesitate to lessen your news intake and surround yourself with content that makes you feel good, even just for a while.

To borrow Ms. Everything’s famous line, let us ask you: are you feeling right now?

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